Are Schools Teaching Homosexual Sex; Ignoring Molestation of Boys 
Has the entire concept of Gay/Straight Alliances become old-fashioned and out-of-date? 

Massachusetts News 
by J. Edward Pawlick 

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November 1--Are the schools throughout Massachusetts helping in the teaching of homosexual sex and ignoring the possible sexual molestation of teenage boys? 

Have some of the school administrators decided that homosexuals are "different," and it is therefore acceptable and normal behavior for adult males of all ages to have sex with teenage boys? 

Has the entire concept of Gay/Straight Alliances become old-fashioned and out-of-date? 

We have recently learned that an organization, which is closely allied with the Gay/Straight Alliances, has offered a $25 stipend, free dinner and free subway tokens to boys who will come to their headquarters in Boston and discuss homosexual sex and other issues (see the pamphlet). These boys were also invited to a free, three-day, lakeside, weekend retreat in New Hampshire with other boys up to 25-years who are "attracted to or have sex with other men." It was a chance to "really get to know yourself and other queer youth on a much deeper level." The organization that sponsored the events is "The Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth," commonly known as BAGLY. 

An interview with BAGLY on page15 of this paper demonstrates that they are not terribly concerned about the possibility of pedophilia at these gatherings where they teach homosexual sex. 

• Do the schools ever monitor what is taking place at these and other sessions around the state attended by their teenagers? 

• Have the accepted norms of our society quietly been changed while we were looking the other way? Or is it that we believe that youths who think they might be homosexual are not worth protecting? 

• Does this explain why the schools were not startled last spring when it was disclosed that the American Psychological Association had published a study that advocates the normalization of adult-child sex? The APA went so far as to say that pedophilia can even have a positive effect on a child. 

Not A Concern 

When we published a report last spring about the study from the APA, we thought the schools would be as surprised as most people and would investigate to be sure that pedophilia is not being normalized in the schools of Massachusetts. 

The obvious place for them to start would be by looking at the Gay/Straight Alliances inasmuch as the vast majority of pedophilia is man/boy sex and the Alliances are in over 170 high schools in Massachusetts, more than the rest of the country combined. Although there is no indication that any of the faculty advisors or other leaders are pedophiles, there is no question that these gay-pride clubs would attract other people who are pedophiles like a bee to honey. 

However, instead of investigating the schools, the leaders said we were sending "hate mail." 

Rally in Newton 

In the city of Newton, the leaders held a rally on May 20 called, "How Will Newton Respond to Hate Mail?" The Massachusetts Department of Education joined in the rally. It backfired, however, when many citizens questioned them intelligently about the subject and said they saw no "hate" in the mailing. The leaders were so embarrassed at the unexpected change of events that they refused to release a video of the rally to anyone. We obtained a copy last month only after our lawyer, Chester Darling of Citizens for the Preservation of Constitutional Liberties, threatened to sue the city. After three months of pressure, they finally did air the entire 1 3/4 hour tape on their cable television station, knowing that we would make a copy of it. 

After analyzing the video, it is apparent that the schools in Newton have little concern about the possibility of sexual activity by the students and the possibility of pedophilia. The school administrators in Newton apparently are typical of leaders across the state. 

The study from the psychologists had recommended that we stop using "judgmental" terms such as "child abuse," "molestation" and "victims." We should use neutral, value-free words such as "adult-child sex." We are not to talk about the "severity of the abuse," but rather, the "level of sexual intimacy" between adult and child. 

This study shocked the entire country after Dr. Laura exposed it on her show. The U.S. Congress condemned the study by a vote of 355-0. Even the entire Massachusetts delegation voted to condemn it except for Barney Frank and Bill Delahunt, who didn’t vote either way. 

Why Pick on Boys? 

One must wonder who decided that vulnerable, mostly male, teenagers don’t deserve protection from pedophiles just as much as other teenagers. Can you imagine the outcry if we talked about 13-year-old girls going on a weekend retreat with men to discuss sex? Do young, vulnerable boys deserve any less? 

The leaders are obviously concerned that if the mothers and fathers learn what is going on at these clubs, they will be very upset. 

Time to End the Alliances? 

The Gay/Straight Alliances are now old-fashioned and out-of-date. They were started back in 1993, the same year that the "gay gene" was announced. Many people at that time thought that homosexuals were "born that way;" and, therefore, we should do everything we could to help them. But now everyone knows that they are not "born that way." The issue of pedophilia is just one of the many problems that the Alliances face. (See the article on page 12, "Homosexuals Are Not Born That Way") 

Sports Illustrated Publishes 12-Page Article 

The magazine Sports Illustrated reported in a 12-page article last September that pedophiles are becoming coaches and using sports to access children. As Bob Bastarache, of New Bedford, president of one of New England’s largest AAU clubs, told the magazine, "Youth sports are a ready-made resource pool for pedophiles... Parents today are so busy, they’re allowing coaches to take over the after-school hours, and that is the foot-in-the-door pedophiles need." 

If one of the nation’s most respected weekly publications can raise such questions about athletics, why is it "hate" to ask the same questions about Gay/Straight Alliances? 

In fact, isn’t it more essential that we discuss this issue when, unlike athletics, the whole existence of GSAs is sexual? 

Obviously not all coaches are pedophiles, just as not all GSA leaders are pedophiles, but we have an obligation to our children to demand answers about what GSAs are doing with our kids. 

The Key to Understanding 

It is only after watching the video of the Newton rally very carefully that the conflict with parents becomes obvious. The key is that those administrators who agree with what is happening in the Gay/Straight Alliances apparently believe the following: 

• Teenagers, whether heterosexual or homosexual, should be encouraged to be sexually active for their well-being and mental health. 

• Teenagers should be able to have sex with anyone they wish, regardless of parents, police or anyone else. 

• Homosexuals are born that way and it is cruel to think differently. 

• Because many parents will not agree with the above, it is necessary for the schools to determine the sexual orientation of each child without the knowledge or involvement of the parents and to help the students develop their sexuality. 

If a person agrees with those four beliefs, not only is it possible to agree with the leaders; indeed, it would be cruel to disagree with what they are doing. 

The only question is: Are those beliefs correct? The citizens of the state must decide the answers.