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MassAcThe Republican candidate for the Fourth Congressional District needs at least 2,000 write-in votes to be included on the November ballot, where he would face veteran Democratic U.S. Rep. Barney Frank. Morse said he is taking this step to get on the November ballot because at the time when he needed to collect petition signatures he was in Israel serving as a guest speaker regarding his book, "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorists."

"That was a big honor, but it took a lot of my attention and energy, and I [was] waylaid a bit on the signatures," Morse said about his two-month visit to Israel.

To secure the 2,000 votes, Morse said, he has begun a calling campaign to get fellow Republicans to the polls Tuesday. He said the calling has been a bit of a revelation for him.

"I've found it's easier to reach voters through polls than by asking them to just sign papers," said Morse, who has the support of the state Republican Party. "I've been able to build a district-wide effort."

On Tuesday, Morse said, he will attempt to get to as much of the district as possible, including Fall River, to secure votes, adding that he expects to do well in the Spindle City thanks to a recent guest stint on local radio and a base of "good Republicans."


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