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Aide to Sen. Schumer Tells Graduating College Students that Senator Would “Put a Bullet Between President's Eyes if He Could Get Away With It"
Schumer Has Not Apologized to President or Nation
The Comptroller of the state of New York told a group of graduating seniors at Queens College last Thursday that Senator Chuck Schumer would “put a bullet between the president's eyes if he could get away with it." 
            The Comptroller, Alan Hevesi, intended it as a compliment to Schumer who had just addressed the families and members of the graduating class and was listening to Hevesi.
            Although we are not told the reaction of the audience, there must have been a gasp, at least from the few Republicans present in the Queens area of New York City. The Senator

This picture of Senator Schumer is from our photographic archives and shows him using an automatic weapon for target-practice. (Note the enjoyment on his face.)
himself made no comment either at the Commencement or since.
A spokeswoman for the Senator, Risa Heller, says he is satisfied with Hevesi’s apology. "Comptroller Hevesi was trying to make a point. He went way too far and it was inappropriate and wrong," Heller said. "He has apologized to both the senator and the president and we believe that ends the matter."
            Neither Comptroller Hevesi nor the Senator himself have apologized to the President or to the American people, other than what is reported above.
            The College is part of the SUNY system of the State of New York. It states on its website that it is “preparing students to become leaders of our global society” with an ability to “think critically” and “address complex problems.”
            Nevertheless, nothing appears on its website about last week’s commencement speeches. Comptroller
Hevesi was a longtime Professor of Government and Politics at the College before being elected to the position of Comptroller.

Charles Schumer Must Resign
   It’s apparent to most that Sen. Schumer should have immediately stood and objected when Comptroller Hevesi said that the Senator would “put a bullet between the president's eyes if he could get away with it."
            If Schumer had immediately done that, Hevesi’s terrible remark would have been limited solely to Hevesi himself. But now everyone has to wonder why Schumer did not renounce any possible approval of the statement unless it was true and it did not trouble him.
            After all, the statement came from a close compatriot of the Senator. It came from someone who knows his innermost feelings. Even now, four days later, the Senator has not made any meaningful explanation to the President or to the American people.
            Senator Charles Schumer must resign immediately.       
            The only reason that Schumer is a U.S. Senator is because he’s a close friend of the Chairman of the New York Times, Pinch Sulzberger, who raised Schumer from an obscure Congressman so that he could become Sulzberger’s personal valet.

 What an Opportunity for Tony Snow!
            This is the opportunity for Tony Snow to expose the loudest, most damaging ---and most effective --- critic of President Bush.
            Tony must demonstrate to all the true nature of the snarling Charles Schumer. The President cannot stoop to the level of Charles Schumer nor can anyone on his staff except for Snow, who must realize that Schumer will be snarling and snapping at him as soon as Snow begins to protect the President.
             Does Tony have the fortitude to jump on this opportunity?

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