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Senator Schumer Was Great Last Night Attacking Pres. Bush, but Where Was Tony Snow?

           Senator Chuck Schumer did a great job on every television channel last night (while leering with joy), as he attacked the important tax cuts of Pres. Bush and inaccurately said that the President was helping “only the rich.”
           Pres. Bush had had a large ceremony, with many Congressmen present, at the White House during the day to dramatize the importance of the cuts for the nation, but the six o’clock news featured Schumer.

            The Schumer performance was not unexpected, but the White House did not respond in any way. It is too late now to do so effectively. The President has already been branded as a friend of the rich.
           Where was Tony Snow? This is just the beginning of what is going to happen to the friendly, polite Press Secretary and to the President. Bush needs a strong person to respond to Schumer and the myriad of other Democrats who are waiting for their turn (but none will do better than Schumer).
            The poll numbers of Pres. Bush will continue to be terrible unless he puts someone in charge who is able to answer all the loud Democrats who are making mincemeat of Bush. It has been very helpful to move Carl Rove into the role of a spokesman, but that job should be the primary duty of the Press Secretary, Tony Snow, who said last week: “I had this wonderful idea that this would be nice and collegial and relaxed, but it obviously at this point is just a mess.”
            Many observers are saying that the poll numbers will continue to be low unless Snow is replaced.
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