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 News Analysis
Poll Showing that “Gay Marriage Ban” Is Losing In Mass. Is a Lie from Boston Globe Affiliate, the State House News Service
By MassNews Staff
            The “poll” released today by the State House News Service (SHN) about the “gay marriage ban” is a fraudulent lie that was apparently encouraged by the New York Times/Boston Globe conglomerate of Pinch Sulzberger.
            According to the lead in today’s SHN story, “Anti-gay marriage” supporters of traditional marriage face an “uphill struggle” in their plan to remove homosexual “marriage” before the end of the year.
            But today’s “poll” does not show that at all.
            Even though Speaker Sal DiMasi will take a vote before the end of the year on passing the Resolution of Emile Goguen (D-Fitchburg) to remove the four SJC judges who imposed homosexual “marriage” on the state, the State House News Service has censored this news, as has the Times/Globe conglomerate and all its affiliates and friends in the Massachusetts media.
            They all continue to talk about passing a new Amendment when that was already done in 2001-2002 by Mass. Citizens for Marriage.
             “The state doesn’t need another Amendment,” says Rep. Goguen. “All it needs is to enforce the old one.”
             (MassNews has been a member of SHN for years and before that its founder, Atty. Ed Pawlick, was a member for thirty-years as founder/owner of Lawyers Weekly Publications, the flagship newspaper for almost all lawyers in Massachusetts.)  
Fraudulent Items from State House News  
             The first fraudulent item from SHN was the statement in its second paragraph that “every question and every result” in the poll is available at their website. But when one clicks on the link to that site, all that is available there is an advertisement for others to “piggyback” a question onto the ongoing poll.
             This is apparently the same poll that the Globe uses to make some of its breathtaking announcements. It asks only one question in a poll of many dozen questions. It will report that the poll was asked of 400-residents, but it never reports how many questions were asked of each person.
            In the SHN poll, it says the questions were asked of 400 residents but it does not say how many questions were asked of each person. Some of the other questions asked of these 400 people included:
            ● Should Governor Romney call National Guard troops home from Iraq?
            ● Should health coverage be expanded in Mass. even though it would mean new taxes?
            ● Should wine be sold in Mass. food stores?
            ● How would Kerry Healey do in a race for Governor against John Kerry or some other Democrat?
             It is obvious to all who understand what is happening that the only question apparently asked about marriage would not be significant to anyone except allies of the Globe who have an agenda.
             Polling Company Has “Falsified Books and Records”
             The New York Times reported last Friday (Sept. 16, 2005) in its Business section that the parent company of the pollster apparently used by SHN has “potential illegal activities that involved falsified books and records.”
            Although it is a tangled-web, pollster Gerry Chervinsky, a Newton resident, is apparently President of KRC Research, which has locations in Cambridge (at 101 Main Street), Washington and London. That company is also a part of the Interpublic Group which was the subject of the Times article last Friday. It was also reported on Jan. 19, 2005 in a Press Release announcing new officers for Interpublic, but the Times reported last week that Merrill Lynch advised investors to sell their stock,  a “rare” occurrence on Wall Street.
            What Effect Will Poll Have?
            The poll will not have any effect on the thinking of the citizens according to Rep. Goguen who is out on the streets every day.
In last November’s election Goguen obtained over 70% of the vote in both the primary and the general election even though he was targeted by the opposition which brought busloads of homosexual activists into his district.
            But Goguen was never concerned although some of his aides and friends were. They reported they had never seen so many outsiders in their district.
Rep. Goguen reports that both he, a 15-year veteran in the House, and the Speaker believe this issue is presently destroying the Democratic Party in the state. Rep. Goguen says they must face the issue and put it behind them.

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