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A Report on Gay Marriage from our Founder, Atty. J. Edward Pawlick

Attorney J. Edward Pawlick founded Massachusetts News in 1998 as a conservative alternative to the Boston Globe after a distinguished career as the founder and CEO for twenty-five years of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, the bible for all lawyers in the state (and in seven other states before he sold the business in 1997).
There was no way of knowing that the family which owned the Boston Globe and The New York Times Company had just installed a new Chairman, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr., who had had a terrible childhood and was out to get even with his family by promoting gay marriage across the entire country, beginning with the state where they absolutely dominated the media. All his ancestors were "homophobes," Sulzberger said and there was some truth to that statement.
Atty. Pawlick didn't understand the hate that he immediately encountered. He had never heard of the Sulzbergers and didn't connect all the dots until 2003 when he wrote "Libel by New York Times." His many writings about the New York Times are the main reason that you see that newspaper being severely criticized across the country in the last two years.
Pawlick is now retired and looking forward to writing a few more books.

By Attorney J. Edward Pawlick
Thank you everyone! Gay Marriage is "on the ropes" in Massachusetts.
We've known that this is the year to terminate Margaret Marshall and the sycophant judges who voted with her on gay marriage. The other side is trying to delay this as long as possible, because that is their strongest weapon. So we should be about removing gay marriage as soon as possible.
We didn't know that the Sulzberger family would be so stupid as to officially tell the world they are bringing in Judge Maria Lopez to indoctrinate our children in their homes via Channel 38.
Judge Maria Lopez!?!
We're discovering that everyone remembers Judge Lopez. If you mention her name to anyone, they instantly recount who she is and why she is bad news. Even the editorial staff at the Boston Globe has no use for her.
But the family that owns the Globe still doesn't have a clue. They sit in New York City and watch their serfdoms (such as the province of Massachusetts) from afar. The Sulzberger family has total control of The New York Times Company (including the Globe). There are thirteen Sulzbergers in charge now and they're quarreling all the time. That family snatched the Company from its original owner, Adolph Ochs, at his deathbed in the early 1930s. They'll do anything for money. That's why they have continued to support Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr., (Pinch) as the Chairman even after he brought them the Jayson Blair scandal a few years back.
But Judge Lopez!?! This is like a gift from heaven. Everyone will coalesce against her.

Thank You to the Thousands Who Made This Possible
              A huge "Thank You" goes to the tens-of-thousands of volunteers from Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage who brought victory in 2001. It was they who forced the Sulzbergers to libel MCM and Sally Pawlick sixteen times in 2001 and 2002 and then switch to lying about what Tom Birmingham could legally do to stop the Protection of Marriage Amendment.

Difficult to be the Only Lawyer
              It has been very difficult for me to be the only lawyer in the battle against the Sulzbergers. I alone could see that we are winning. As the lawyer for Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage, I clashed with Margaret Marshall twice, face-to-face in the open courtroom. It was extremely difficult for me to watch national family organizations come here with their millions in 2003 because this was "the place to be." I had to stay mostly silent and watch while that played itself out. I've also seen cameo performances from some of the same lawyers who don't really understand because they're never here in person or they leave immediately thereafter.

Thank You Asst. Attorney General Judith Yogman
We must thank Atty. Judith Yogman for making Judge Marshall a nervous wreck at the Oral Argument of the gay marriage case on Tuesday, March 4, 2003. Fifteen minutes were allotted to Yogman by Judge Marshall as the only person in the world who was allowed to tell Marshall why, under the state Constitution, she did not have the right to impose homosexual marriage. Judge Marshall first interrupted Yogman after only eight seconds in an effort to stop her from talking. Atty. Yogman was brilliant.
(I had the largest amount of time of any lawyer to question Judge Marshall and the rest of the judges at the SJC because as attorney for MCM, I hadn't given up when everyone else did in 2002. I had felt it wasn't time to quit when the Legislature had just violated the Constitution and refused to vote on the Protection of Marriage Amendment. We had forced them into violating the state Constitution. That was the time to go on the offensive, as MCM did, entirely by itself. I had four sessions with the SJC in 2002 and 2003, twice before the entire Court and twice before individual Justices.)

Thank You Brian Camenker
Brian Camenker, with his Parents Rights Coalition, forced the Sulzbergers to attempt their reach into our homes for the indoctrination of our children with an immoral, dangerous lifestyle. Apparently, all of Camenker's excellent work is bearing fruit, particularly in publicizing what is going on in Lexington where the liberals are defying both the state and national Constitutions while they demonize a parent, David Parker.
Neither Brian Camenker nor I have had the time to talk for many months, and I had not been aware how successful he is becoming in the schools. That's what is forcing the Sulzbergers to attempt this crazy deal with Channel 38. What exquisite timing for us. Thank you, Brian, and thank you to all the Sulzbergers.
And thank you, Brian, for discovering the Removal process and founding the Article 8 Alliance.

Thank You Rep. Emile Goguen
None of this would be possible if Emile Goguen (D-Fitchburg) hadn't filed his Resolution to Remove Justice Margaret Marshall and all three of the Associate Justices who went along with her illegal scheme. Rep. Goguen was warned by almost everyone that he would lose his seat if he persisted, but that didn't bother him and he ended up with 70% of the vote in both the primary and the general elections. On primary day, 35 nasty out-of-state activists were sent to Fitchburg by the state's homosexual lobbyist, Arline Isaacson. The state was also targeted by the largest and most important homosexual organization, the Human Rights Campaign (this was before they fired Cheryl Jacques) which sent vast amounts of money to Massachusetts, including a last minute "emergency" donation of $500,000 when they realized how bad things were going for them here.
Goguen now says he has never been so popular, with citizens greeting and cheering him everywhere he goes.

Thank You Sally Pawlick
During the dark days of 2003 when we knew that Judges Marshall and Greaney were going to be trouble, Sally kept saying that she still had faith that the judges were going to do the right thing and obey the Constitution. Most laughed at her "naivety."
But she almost won, didn't she? Judge Marshall thought she would have a unanimous Court on her side. But the best she could get was a 3-3 tie among the six Associate Justices. Sally was six years ahead of Judy Cowin at Wellesley College and had hoped she would respect the Constitution. Judge Cowin's vote for gay marriage was a disappointment but not a surprise.
Sally could still be right. But we won't know for sure until a little longer in 2005.

Thank You Bryan Rudnick
When MCM first started in 2001, we needed someone who was young, enthusiastic and full of energy so we hired a new graduate from Brandeis, Brian Rudnick. He had challenged the liberal establishment at Brandeis in his senior year and brought Charlton Heston to speak with much fanfare and publicity. Rudnick put MCM over the top immediately with so many extra signatures that the opposition didn't even think of challenging them. He did such a good job that the Sulzbergers (before we even knew their name) began their libelous attacks against MCM and Sally and they then switched to giving inaccurate, false information to Senate President Tom Birmingham about what he could do to stop the Amendment.
Brian had always had a desire to attend law school, so we encouraged him not to stay too long at this job before looking at law schools. He left shortly after the first year.

Thank You Jim Lafferty
A big man at 64, Jim Lafferty is an experienced operative who is accustomed to facing down bullies no matter who they are. He learned this as an M.P. in the service. He's a highly intelligent, political consultant from Washington who worked for Tom Delay, the House Majority Leader, before he moved out on his own. He assisted Brian Rudnick at Mass. Citizens for marriage during his crucial campaign. Jim worked for MCM again in 2002 and 2003.
As a seasoned veteran in political wars, Jim was especially valuable as a friend to Camenker during the election cycle of 2004. Those two professionals focused on the positive as they made sure that the seven incumbent legislators who were targeted by the Human Rights Campaign (with more than $500,000 in emergency donations to Massachusetts groups) were successful. Because of the help they received, the incumbent legislators were not afraid of the issue despite the Globe and they did not ignore it. They explained it clearly and carefully. The incumbents all won except for Vinnie Ciampa who hesitated and lost by a whisker to a homosexual in the primary. He rebounded with a sticker campaign but failed again because he was still not aggressive and did not listen to Lafferty and Camenker.

Thank You Speaker DiMasi
Sal DiMasi is an experienced politician and trial lawyer who wants to win and who understands that he must have the support of the citizens. He has seen the defeats his Party has taken since they violated the Constitution in 2002 and he does not want to repeat those mistakes. Therefore, he has promised Rep. Emile Goguen that there will be a vote taken this year, as required under the law, on Goguen's Resolution to Remove Margaret Marshall and the three Associate Justices who voted with her. Whether the Speaker will vote for the Resolution is unknown, but he will honor his promise.

Thank You to the New MassNews Staff
The new MassNews is better than ever now that the younger generation is taking over. I'm amazed at what's been accomplished since Sally and I first, unknowingly, challenged the Sulzberger family in 1998. We hadn't even heard of the Sulzbergers and we couldn't understand who was fomenting the tremendous hate against us.
We didn't fully understand the reason for the Globe's hostility until 2003 when I started researching the history of the New York Times and discovered Punch and Pinch. It was then that I wrote "Libel by New York Times."
There is one thing for sure: No one even thinks about a coffee house for gay teenagers as they were doing in my town in 1998. Perhaps we should have followed Rush Limbaugh's example and run away from the issue. But we didn't. Instead, we went out on the streets and observed what was happening. There was no way we could desert the young teenager who came up to us crying "I don't want to be different. I don't want to be different" after he had just "outed" himself to a cheering throng of 85 homosexuals in our Unitarian Church. Despite what we see happening across the country from the other side, there will be a big shock when everyone discovers what is happening in Massachusetts.

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