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Countdown to the Firing of the SJC Judges
Can You Tell the Good Judges from the Bad Ones?

We're publishing this at the request of many readers who want
to see a picture of the SJC judges who have illegally created
such turmoil in our society.

By MassNews Staff  
            We first published this picture in April 2003, eight months before Margaret Marshall made her ruling for gay marriage. We predicted that Marshall and Greaney would lead "the battle to change marriage," but we had no idea that "kind," "friendly" Rick Ireland was the worst and most intolerant, apparently because of a close friend who is homosexual.
            The bitter irony is that Margaret Marshall is from South Africa, one of the nastiest countries toward blacks. Many of them pointed that out when she was first appointed in 1996, saying that she was only using them to promote her own self. But Rick Ireland appears to enjoy being at her beck-and-call like a servant, although it hardly appears appropriate for the first black ever appointed to the SJC.
            The circles around Ireland, Marshall and Greaney in the front row and Cowin in the back show that this was a tie vote among the Associate Justices, with Marshall given the power to accomplish her agenda, which included comparing the rights of homosexuals to those of blacks. 
             The judges who understood that it was not their right to force their social experiment on the state and dissented are, in the center rear, Robert Cordy, and to his left Martha Sosman, with Francis Spina sitting in front to his right.

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