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Countdown to the Firing of the SJC Judges
Attorney Pawlick Feels a Bond with Members of Eliot Church
             Atty. Pawlick says he feels a bond with members of The Eliot Church of Roxbury.
            Talking with them was a little sad for him, however. He says it's almost like informing a good family that a son has been arrested for dealing with drugs.
            "It was a real shock on Sunday for many to be told that their good friend, Judge Ireland, was engaged in such reprehensible conduct. They've known that something was wrong but they didn't have any idea what to do about it. If that one man, Judge Ireland, had voted the other way, we would not be burdened with gay marriage today --- anywhere in the entire country.
            "The members of this church are not the only ones who don't have any idea what to do. Like the rest of us, we're all victims of the Chairman of the Boston Globe conglomerate, Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr., (Pinch) who has made it his personal crusade to install gay marriage across the entire nation," says Pawlick.
            "Sulzberger started with us in Massachusetts because he has a total monopoly here, with the Globe, the Worcester Telegram, the New York Times, and many others at his every beck-and-call."

More Difficult for Members of Eliot Church
            This is even more difficult for the members of The Eliot Church, because they are currently without a pastor and are conducting a search to find a new one. When the Pawlicks were meeting the ushers a half-hour before the service began, they were introduced to several people who were in charge for that day. One was a candidate to be the new church minister. He favors homosexuality and immediately told the Pawlicks with great hostility that they were totally wrong, but they refused to argue with him.
            Atty. Pawlick says it was a severe shock to everyone in the congregation to be informed that Judge Ireland was responsible for imposing gay marriage upon the state. Most people have no knowledge that the vote by the SJC on gay marriage was a 3-3 tie among the Associate Justices on the court. Therefore, if any of those Judges who voted in favor of gay marriage, including Rick Ireland, had switched his vote, Margaret Marshall would not have been able to impose gay marriage here.
            Atty. Pawlick could not explain all that in a few minutes. So he did not try, but Sally did talk to enough people to obtain the sense of the congregation. They were extremely disappointed, but not surprised, to learn that their friend, Judge Ireland, is at the heart of this problem which is facing the entire country.
            If any of the four judges were to retire now, he or she would get a handsome state pension worth millions of dollars. With 28-years of service under his belt, Judge Ireland would receive the biggest of all. However, if he refuses to resign and is Removed by the state, he will forfeit all of his pension. This should not be a difficult choice for Rick Ireland. If anyone were vindictive, which they are not at the present time, the consequences for all four judges could be much worse, with severe penalties for not removing themselves from this case in which they all had a personal interest in its outcome.

Pawlick is Well Known by All Lawyers, Including Rick Ireland
            No one in the congregation was told that the man who arrived there on Sunday founded Lawyers Weekly in 1972, the highly accredited newspaper, which grew to seven papers in seven states plus a national edition with a staff of 120 people, including forty lawyers, before he sold it in 1997. The paper is cited by Judge Ireland with pride in his list of accomplishments as a judge. He says in his short, official resume:
            "Among the many awards Justice Ireland has received throughout his career are the Boston College Law School's St. Thomas More Award; several Honorary Doctor of Law degrees; The Judicial Excellence Award from the Massachusetts Bar Association and Lawyers Weekly Newspaper in 2001; the Judicial Excellence Award from the Massachusetts Judges Conference in 1996; the prestigious Haskell Cohn Distinguished Judicial Service Award presented by the Boston Bar Association in 1990; and the Boston Covenant Peace Prize in 1982 in recognition of his efforts to promote racial justice."
            Nor was anyone told that Atty. Pawlick has had diabetes for over sixty-years. Despite that, he has been helping his wife work against homosexual marriage since the founding of MCM in 2001.
            It's been a long, tough road battling the immense power of Pinch Sulzberger and the New York Times/Boston Globe conglomerate that Sulzberger inherited. Atty. Pawlick has a long list of homosexual employees/friends who know that he has nothing personal against them, only against their self-destructive practice.
            The people at Eliot Church also do not know that Atty. Pawlick has "black" grandchildren in that one of his daughters married a wonderful black man. Atty. Pawlick has always told his children that the color of a person's skin is unimportant in God's eyes and should also be unimportant in ours.


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