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News Analysis: Countdown to the Firing of SJC Judges
Emile Goguen Begins Campaign to Remove Gay Marriage
By MassNews Staff
       Rep. Emile Goguen has begun a campaign to remove gay marriage from Massachusetts this month (October 2005).
       He says everyone in the state will know about it through airplane banners, radio ads and similar strategies.
       “The Boston Globe will no longer be able to censor us,” says Goguen. “We will get our message out to the citizens.”
       He likens it to the battle of Bunker Hill where troops were told to hold their fire until they could see the “whites of their eyes.” Similarly, Goguen has not wasted any of his dollars until he was ready to strike. He says that every citizen will soon understand that they can help remove gay marriage this month.
       The campaign is first urging Judge Margaret Marshall and her three followers to begin the healing process --- and save their pensions --- by resigning now.
       If they fail to do so and are removed by the legislature, their million-dollar pensions will be lost. The following radio advertisement will be heard frequently around the state for a short period:

       I’m Rep Emile Goguen, Democrat, Fitchburg.
       We can end gay marriage immediately. My Resolution will Remove the four unelected lawyers who voted to impose gay marriage. With them gone, gay marriage will be banished forever.
       Our Majority Leader, Sal DiMasi has promised a vote in the House this year on my Resolution.  
       Judge Marshall is blamed by most national Democrats for the loss of the Presidential election, but she remains in office.  She and her three allies must be removed.
       It would be tragic to fracture the state with a divisive vote in the legislature.   Instead, let’s encourage Judge Marshall and friends to resign now.  Then their million-dollar pensions will not be at risk.  It’s time to begin the healing process.  Help encourage those four judges to voluntarily leave.
       Talk to your Senator and Representative. Believe me, they don’t want to vote on gay marriage. They will do anything to avoid it.      
       Call the Court today and politely ask the four judges to resign.   Pick any extension at 617-557-1000.     

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