CURIOUS: KINSEY Screening May Have Been Cancelled Because of Grandmother
By Dr. Ted Baehr, MovieGuide

       Hollywood, CA - Alfred Kinsey, the pathologically perverse gall wasp researcher who committed his life to perverting human sexuality, is a controversial figure. Why? Because the flimsy house of cards of the rationale behind the so-called sexual revolution is built on his faulty research – an insecure foundation indeed. However, the Kinsey Institute, with the help of some very powerful neo-pagan forces, kept everything nice and quiet until a humble, dedicated mother, Dr. Judith Reisman, exposed the quackery and pedophilic perversity of Kinsey’s research.
       Now, this mother turned grandmother has scared the wits out of the producers and distributors of the upcoming Kinsey movie.
      20th Century Fox arranged for me, Dr. Ted Baehr, publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®, to see the new KINSEY movie. This was no big deal, since one of our staff had already seen it at the Telluride Film Festival. However, I invited Dr. Reisman to join me.
       When my secretary submitted the names of the people joining me at the screening, just three of us, I got a call back just a few minutes before the screening that it had to be cancelled because one reel of the film was damaged. The representative of Fox Searchlight told me that the projectionist had prescreened the film to check it out and found out that the print was damaged.
       I continued onto the screening because Dr. Reisman was flying in from Arizona. When I arrived and talked to the projectionist, Josh, he said the print of the movie looked good to him. The delivery person from Fox, a very nice woman, said she had just brought the film from Fox and that no one had pre-screened it. So Josh went ahead to screen it for us.
       Just at the end of the first reel, however, he said that Fox Searchlight called and told him to stop the screening. I got on the phone, and the Fox Searchlight representative told me again that the reel was damaged. Josh said he would not say that the reel was damaged to Fox Searchlight or to us.
      Another projectionist said that he had never seen anything like this in 40 years of screening movies. Certainly, we have seen hundreds of films since 1985 and have never seen anything like it.
       Why would there possibly be all of this anxiety about showing the movie to two reviewers and one grandmother when it had already screened at the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival?
      Well, because Dr. Reisman is the expert. This humble, kind, gentle grandmother knows more about Kinsey than almost anyone, and she immediately pointed out the deceptions in the short amount of movie that we saw.
       The movie, for instance, alleges that Kinsey’s problems stemmed from his awful father, who was a repressive, mean spirited Methodist preacher. This story cannot be found in any of Kinsey’s biographies. Instead, in the biographies, Kinsey’s problem is his mother. As anyone over 50 can recall, the homosexual scientific community blamed mothers until the 1970s. Then, with the rise of feminism, it became politically incorrect to blame mothers, and since of course you have to blame someone, fathers became the villains.
      The possible reason that no one would want to screen the film for Dr. Reisman is that the 69-year-old expert in this area can expose the fruitless works of darkness. Reporters and reviewers like the others who have seen the film can only conjecture. Dr. Reisman has the facts, and you win a case by the facts, according to Trial Law 101. Furthermore, if you don’t have the facts, you try the law, and if you don’t have the law, you try smear tactics and innuendo.
      Of course, it could be alleged that these changes in the biography of Kinsey came about for dramatic purposes, but anyone with a grain of sense will realize that this is fallacious. This is a well constructed propaganda piece, which could be called hagiography, or maybe hagicinematography – the creating a saint out of a pathological villain.
      Eventually, Dr. Reisman will see the film, and the truth will come out. But, the anxiety is unnecessary. Fox Searchlight should open up the discussion by showing the movie to its critics and its supporters. Not only would it create more box office income and more interest in the movie, but anybody with a wit of sense knows that free speech brings out the truth, and the truth shall overcome. Of course, no one who is doing the right thing needs to fear the truth.


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