Over 500 Packed Faneuil Hall Last Friday
Will Continue Working to Remove Four Judges
By MassNews Staff

    An enthusiastic crowd of over 500 citizens packed Faneuil Hall last Friday evening to cheer speakers, including Alan Keyes, who promised to continue working to remove the four judges who voted for "homosexual marriage" last Nov. 18.

    As a result of that enthusiasm, a rally will be held by Article 8 today, Monday, May 17, at noon at the Boston City Hall Plaza. The approval of their effort is increasing, says Brian Camenker, both among the people and the legislators.

    However, the New York Times complex, including the Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram, led the media including TV stations, in almost a total blackout of the event. No citizen knew that it even happened unless they were there or heard about it from friends.

    The Representative who is sponsoring the Resolution to remove the judges, Emile Goguen (D-Fitchburg), says he will continue to work so that every Legislator will have the opportunity to publicly vote and tell the citizens whether or not he or she favors the removal of the judges who violated our state Constitution.

    The Boston Herald followed the lead of the Globe in the blackout, even allowing its nasty editor of the Editorial page, Rachelle Cohen, to write that the repeal of the four judges is a "wacky notion." Cohen is known as a strident, radical feminist who has always favored homosexual "marriage" in the state.

World Is Watching for Our Reaction
    Camenker says he was in the Channel 7 studios in downtown Boston yesterday morning, doing some interviews. "A lot of people there were talking about our rally [in Northampton] on Wednesday. Our press release was sitting prominently on their assignment desk. There's no question that the world is looking to see the people's reaction to this, to see the effect of homosexual 'marriage' being imposed by four unelected political appointees, while homosexual activists dance around and laugh in our faces. That's already started to happen."

    The Bill of Address needs to get through two committees, according to Camenker. First, the Joint Rules Committee. Then the Joint Judiciary Committee.

    "These are both just perfunctory pauses," he says. "There's no reason it can't run through both committees this week. Except, of course, if someone tries to hold it up. Or the chairmen just don't want to deal with it. Or if it gets voted down. Or one of a hundred other tricks. We say: No tricks. No holdups. We demand our government back.

    "We've found out, off the record, that Rep. Salvatore DiMasi seems to be holding it up in the Rules committee. DiMasi is the Majority Leader and a supporter of homosexual marriage. He won't return our calls. Nor will the Chairman of the committee, Rep. Angelo Scaccia.

    "All the members of both committees need to be told: We want the Bill of Address out of committee right now. This week. No excuses. No holdups. Let the entire House and Senate vote on it. We demand our government back."

Camenker released a list of both Committees.

The Rules Committee:

  Name Office Phone Office Fax Home City Home Number
Rep Robert Correia 617-722-2810 617-722-2197 Fall River 508-673-4097
Rep Elizabeth Poirier 617-722-2976 617-626-0108 N. Attleboro 508-695-3296
Rep Angelo Scaccia ** 617-722-2692 617-722-2846 Readville 617-364-0819
Rep Bruce J. Ayers 617-722-2120   Quincy 617-472-9877
Rep Vincent Ciampa 617-722-2430   Somerville 617-628-3123
Rep Paul K. Frost 617-722-2489 617-722-2390 Auburn 508-832-2840
Rep James Miceli ** 617-722-2692 617-722-2846 Wilmington 978-658-9797
Rep Edward Connolly ** 617-722-2692 617-722-2846 Everett 617-387-2236
Rep John Binienda, Sr 617-722-2090 617-722-2848
East Worcester 508-753-5962
Rep Eric Turkington 617-722-2210 617-722-2239 Falmouth 508-540-2228
Rep Salvatore DiMasi 617-722-2600 617-722-2313 Boston 617-523-8998
Rep Lida E. Harkins 617-722-2300 617-722-2750 Needham 781-449-2347
Rep Shaun P. Kelly 617-722-2263 617-722-2837 Dalton 413-684-5133
Rep Thomas P. Kennedy 617-722-2012 617-722-2922 Brockton 508-586-8123
Rep T. Speliotis 617-722-2380   Danvers 978-777-3138
Sen Stephen Brewer 617-722-1540 617-722-1078 Barre 978-355-4505
Sen Brian Lees 617-722-1291 617-722-1014 E. Longmeadow 413-525-3472
Sen Joan M. Menard 617-722-1114 617-722-1498 Somerset 508-673-8408
Sen Mark Montigny 617-722-1440 617-722-1068 New Bedford 508-999-5108
Sen Therese Murray 617-722-1481 617-722-1072 Plymouth 508-746-6301
Sen Richard Tisei 617-722-1206 617-722-1063 Wakefield 781-246-3660
  Judiciary Committe      
Rep Brian P. Golden 617-722-2877 617-722-2533 Allston 617-789-3794
Rep Michael Rush 617-722-2460   Boston 617-327-2847
Rep Mark J. Carron 617-722-2060 617-722-2849 Southbridge 508-765-0488
Rep Lewis Evangelidis 617-722-2460 617-722-2390 Holden 508-829-1711
Rep Eugene O'Flaherty 617-722-2396 617-722-2596 Chelsea 617-889-5703
Rep Harold Naughton 617-722-2396 617-722-2819 Clinton 978-368-3212
Rep Christopher Fallon 617-722-2396 617-722-2819 Malden 781-324-6705
Rep David Linsky 617-722-2210   Natick 508-655-6781
Rep Alice Peisch 617-722-2080   Wellesley 781-237-4719
Rep David M. Torrisi 617-722-2396 617-722-2819 North Andover 978-682-5644
Sen Robert Antonioni 617-722-1230 617-722-1130 Leominster 978-534-6946
Sen Steven Baddour 617-722-1604   Methuen 978-683-2885
Sen Scott Brown 617-722-1555 617-722-1054 Wrentham 508-384-3369
Sen Robert Creedon Jr 617-722-1200 617-722-1116 Brockton 508-584-1975
Sen Brian Lees 617-722-1291 617-722-1014 E. Longmeadow 413-525-3472
Sen Dianne Wilkerson 617-722-1673 617-722-1079 Boston 617-445-8989

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