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Gov. Romney Invites “Gay” Teenagers to Copley Square Tomorrow

May 14, 2004

Is BAGLEY Ignoring Pedophilia Or Condoning It?

     Gov. Romney will continue the Republican tradition of “Gay Youth Pride” day tomorrow in the Copley Square area with welcoming ceremonies from state officials for “youth” (up to age 25) from many states.

     In order to let you decide whether to avoid Boston tomorrow, we will print some stories and pictures about former “Pride” days, which began under Gov. Weld.

     Featured tomorrow will be a parade through the streets and a “dance” in Boston City Hall at night.

     Those who are troubled by our use of “masturbation” to define “homosexuality” will be understandably shocked by the much worse language that is shouted over loudspeakers by adult lesbians in Copley Square.

Teenagers Encouraged to be Sexually Active

Teens Urged to Scream Obscenities on 'Gay Pride Day'

Massachusetts Dept. of Education Commissioner
David Driscoll gives his enthusiastic support to  the rally.

Lesbians Warm Up Crowd With Obscenities

By Ed Oliver
June 2001

Over 1000 youth were encouraged to be sexually active at a daylong rally in Boston last month with a parade in the afternoon and a prom held in the evening at City Hall.

An adult lesbian group worked the crowd at the start of the rally in Copley Square, leading them in cheers using sexual language and ridiculing adults who would attempt to limit sexual activity.

A proclamation from Gov. Swift was read. The Commissioner of Education, David Driscoll, addressed the crowd in a cheerleading fashion.

Although it was billed as a Gay/Straight Day, it was attended mostly by high school students who think they are “different” and have been encouraged by schools to believe they are homosexual. These teenagers marched throughout the city before thousands of onlookers.

Most of the youngsters were 14-years-old or more but there was no way to control the crowd or to know the ages of the participants or what state they came from.

The prom was sponsored by the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth, commonly known as BAGLY, which receives financial support from the state and the city of Boston. It has members from 14-years-of-age to 22-year-olds and it mixed this age group at the prom. It is the same organization which in 1999 offered $25 and a free “lakeside weekend retreat” to boys who “are attracted to or have sex with other men” if they would come to their offices.

No newspaper or other media has reported what occurred at this 7th Annual Pride Day.

The event was promoted in the schools, on a state government website and on private websites. It included the noontime rally at Copley Square, a “Pride” parade through the streets of Boston, a festival at the Hatch Shell, and later that evening, the gay and lesbian “prom.”

The day began with over a thousand youth and countless others mustering before noon at Copley Square. There were rainbow flags, drag queens, transvestites and rock music blaring the lyrics, “We do what we want; We do what we f—-ing want!”

The lesbian “guerilla theatre troupe” warmed up the crowd with a skit laced with obscenities, which they performed at various locations throughout the park. Organizers did not ask the theatre troupe to leave.

The teens were instructed to “repeat these terms after me.” They obliged, shouting the obscenities as if they were at a football game.

Dykes With a Cutting Edge

The lesbian troupe described themselves on a handbill as “Dykes with a cutting edge” and identified themselves as “Dagger.” The bill identified their web-site as www.thetheateroffensive.org. Some in the group were obvious adults.

One member of the troupe held up a large puppet-like figure of a graying teacher. The puppet’s hands gestured as another member read from a script in a mock lecturing voice. The script-reading chore rotated amongst the members as they moved to each new location in the crowd.

The troupe also held up cardboard hands with pointing fingers, each with a mocking message such as, “PMS (Parents for Moral Solidarity),” “TRIP (Tired Republicans In Pain), “Catholic Church,” and “Religious Right,” among others.

A spokesperson from the group, known as The Theater Offensive, told MassNews that the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth did not sponsor their “action.” “We were not allowed to participate in the parade or set up a resource table. So consider our action as completely separate.” Their web-site says,  “Look out for Dagger at Youth Pride!”

Jan O’Keefe from the Commissioner of Education’s office returned a call from MassNews, but did not have information on hand about the Dyke theater. Predictably, she said that if it was a private group, they weren’t responsible. The Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth did not immediately return a call.

Red Carpet Treatment

It was plain that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston rolled out the red carpet for Saturday’s gay youth event which invites the behavior of groups such as Dagger and others.

The program conveyed official city and state sanction for the event with a two-page list of co-sponsors, including many high schools.

In addition to Commissioner Driscoll, Congressman Barney Frank, Rep. Liz Malia (D-Jamaica Plain) and members of the Governor’s Commission addressed the crowd in cheerleading fashion.

A GOP official, who asked that his name be withheld, pointed out to MassNews that Governor Swift recently hired a second homosexual to her inner circle and now two of the three top people in her office are homosexuals. “Homosexuals are pulling the levers of government,” he said in alarm. “Jane Swift is sympathetic to the gay agenda. She does not represent Republican values.”

A Boston man named Tony was walking with his two grandchildren near Copley Square when the little ones saw some giant parade figures and wanted a closer look. Tony brought the children closer but stopped at the outskirts of the crowd with a puzzled look on his face.

“I didn’t even know what this was,” he told MassNews. “I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t approve of it, but on the other hand, I don’t think I could change it personally. They do themselves harm.”

Commenting on government support of the spectacle, Tony said, “I think they do it because it is favorable politically. Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the nation. Look who they vote for president year after year. Does it upset me? You bet your life it does. I’ve worked hard all my life. If I had a free choice, they wouldn’t get a peso of my money.”

Nearby, a group of construction workers were sitting on steps eating their lunch. The workmen pointed and laughed at the sight of a man in the crowd dressed in women’s clothing. The transvestite man embraced a younger teen for a photo.

Officials All There

During the rally, a co-chair of the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, Lesa Lessard, told the crowd, “Who is here today? You are teachers and administrators, you are parents, brothers, sisters and friends. You are business leaders, church leaders, community leaders and community youth groups, and you are Gay/Straight Alliances.”

Harping on the “safety” theme in her speech, Lessard was embarrassed when she asked the youthful crowd, “Wearing your Gay/Straight Youth Pride T-shirt, do you feel safe walking home tonight?”

“YES,” responded the crowd.

“Good,” said Lessard in a deflated tone. It was not the answer she was seeking. Not to be deterred, she tried again. “Do you trust that the local police force, fire department, civic and business leaders welcome you as a valued member of your community?”

This time she got the answer she was looking for, “NO!”

Lessard, who boasted that there are now over 200 gay clubs (GSA’s) in Massachusetts schools, went on to say “safe places” need to be expanded and then connected, which is code for imposing homosexuality in every area possible. “We can transform safe spaces into whole safe places, city block by city block, cul-de-sac to country lane. If we really want to be free and be who we are, we should expect no less.”

Rep. Liz Malia, who is an openly lesbian legislator, told the crowd it was wonderful to see so many gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered kids. “You are changing the world,” she said. Malia also extended greetings from lesbian state Sen. Cheryl Jacques (D-Needham) who she said would be seeking higher office. Malia also heaped praise on  Mayor Menino, the Governor’s office and the Commissioner of the Dept. of Education. “Without their work, none of us would be here today,” she said.

Comm. Driscoll Leads Cheers

Commissioner Driscoll enthusiastically led the crowd in cheers for the Governor’s Commission and the DOE officials who work on gay youth issues. “I’m very proud of all of you standing up together today and speaking out against intolerance,” said Driscoll. He mentioned an essay contest where a student mentioned in her essay how “narrow” her classmates were, and how a perfect school would be a tolerant school.

Fully immersed in the official line, Driscoll said, “We stand together to say that schools must be a safe and welcoming place for all students.”

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Newton) was introduced by a teen who said Frank is his “hero.” Frank told the kids to get involved politically as they get older. He lashed out at “bigots” who oppose the gay movement. “It is time in our society when we are going to make it very clear that we are going to be intolerant of intolerance.”

Frank said there was an amendment to the education bill in Congress being voted on the following Tuesday that would deny federal funds to schools that “act against the Boy Scouts because of their homophobia.” Frank urged people to call their Representatives to oppose the bill.

The president of the Parents’ Rights Coalition, Brian Camenker, commented to Mass News about the lack of intervention by supposedly responsible adults in attendance. “It appears that the adults were perfectly comfortable with this type of behavior, this is the problem that we’ve seen all along.”

C. J. Doyle, Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, told MassNews that he was upset by the sign against Catholics that was used by the lesbian group. “It’s an absolute outrage that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should sponsor a bigoted attack on the Catholic Church. We call on Governor Swift to repudiate this.”

Gay Prom at City Hall

Later that evening at Boston City Hall was the BAGLY prom. The theme was “Adventures in Candyland.”

Its Executive Director, Grace Sterling Stowell, told MassNews that their organization receives state and city funding.

Organizers tried to keep reporters out of City Hall and tried to chase MassNews away from photographing through the windows. They claimed it was for the kids’ anonymity, but the kids had just proudly paraded through the streets of Boston and stood waiting in line for hours outside City Hall and speaking to TV camera crews. A police officer told them that MassNews had a right to snap photos from outside.

Perhaps they did not want photos of sexually suggestive dancing, same-sex  kissing and boys walking around in women’s clothing. Passersby stood gawking at the spectacle of gyrating homosexual youth just behind the glass inside City Hall. They stared in disbelief when told it was a gay prom supported by tax dollars. One male couple in full view behind the glass, simulated anal sex as they danced. Condoms were handed out to prom goers as they exited.


Warning: Although most people will be offended by this language, please remember this is what was taught to over 1000 youngsters at noon in the center of Boston and chanted by the crowd. 

Lesbians Warm Up Crowd With Obscenities

By Ed Oliver
June 2001

'Now please, if you will, to prepare for the awareness of dirty terms and of words, please repeat these terms after me,' said the guerilla theatre group to an eager crowd of young people.

This lesbian group, "Theater Offensive," says it received "special recognition" in 1999 from The Boston Women's Fund, AIDS Action, the Elliot Norton Boston Theater Award, the Greater Boston Business Council, The Boston Foundation and the Boston Globe.

Some of its sponsors according to its website are: Massachusetts Cultural Council, The Boston Foundation, Boston Cultural Council, Haymarket People's Fund, LEF Foundation, Peace Development Fund, Proscenium Fund for Audience Development, OUT Fund, MIT, Ratshesky Foundation, Safe Neighborhoods Youth Fund.

It also states that it is a resident theater company at the Boston Center for the Arts.

"Now please, if you will, to prepare for the awareness of dirty terms and of words, please repeat these terms after me," said the guerilla theatre group to an eager crowd of young people.

Many family groups rose up in outrage over Fistgate after they learned about the graphic, state-endorsed sex instruction adults gave minor children behind closed doors. The publicity and the subsequent backlash from parents stung homosexual groups.

Obviously still smarting over that moral outrage and in a vengeful mood, a lesbian "guerilla theatre troupe" warmed up the crowd with a skit laced with obscenities. They performed at various locations throughout the throng of youngsters at Copley Square.

The state helped promote, fund and organize this event for teens, and there were many corporate co-sponsors.

MassNews tape-recorded the dialogue, which is reproduced below as much as possible considering the crowd noises:

"I am here to represent S.M.I., Stupid Small Minded Individuals, and my name is Laura Bush.

"Due to the rise of punishable language in our schools, I am forced, without remorse, to say these things to you today.

"These disgusting and cause-of-ill-will words you will hear during the course of the next few minutes will-and I hope-cause you to cringe with embarrassment.

"The department of dead-ucation has asked me to warn parents that all sexual words can be damaging to mental health.

"Here you are: Sex, fuck, masturbate, lick, suck, blow, kiss, fellatio, cunnilingus, sixty-nine, lap-dance, eat out, etcetera, etcetera.

"Now, two certain organizations with high regard to mental stability and the well-being of our children have also asked me to inform you of the public school funding decrease.

"These decreases are an ongoing process to further the sexcision of these dirty and problematic words and/or statements. Each time one of these words and/or terms is mentioned in passing or strictly said without conviction, five hundred dollars will be held back from school funding, for that month and if necessary, that year.

"These organizations are as follows, SMI (Small Minded Individuals), this is a group I represent and am in. TRIP (Tired Republicans In Pain), PMS (Parents For Moral Solidarity) and others the general public should be aware of.

"These groups have also put into effect the individual budget cuts when words without general understanding are said, such as: Rimming, fisting, titty-f---ing, etcetera.

"These terms and/or statements will be cited and sent to the organizations, and then reported back to the schools, and as a result, the budget cuts. It is the duty of the parents as well as the teachers, faculty and staff of the school to cleanse the mouth of the children as well as ours, ahem.

"If these guidelines of moral vocabulary are not met — no money, no books, no education, no brains, and no future.

"Now please, if you will, to prepare for the awareness of dirty terms and of words, please repeat these terms after me.

"Blow job."

Kids shout in response: "Blow job!"


Crowd: "Clitoris!"

"Finger f---"

Crowd: "Finger f---!"


Crowd: "Bang-or-to-bang!"

"Blow job"

Crowd: "Blow job!"


Crowd: "Clitoris!"

"Finger f---"

Crowd: "Finger f---!"

"Bang-or-to-bang"......... Crowd:"Bang-or-to-bang!"

"Thank you and have a very good f---ing day!"

Cheers and applause followed.

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