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Will 'Focus on Family' Push Pres. Bush and Massachusetts into Civil Unions, the Same as California ?
By Atty. J. Edward Pawlick
February 26, 2004

  The powerful and rich Focus on the Family is continuing its push to put civil unions into place in Massachusetts and elsewhere, the same as it has already done in California .

   Pres. Bush finally succumbed yesterday to the pressure and urged an Amendment to the federal Constitution that says nothing about civil unions. In addition, the measure shows no chance of passage with 2/3 of Congress being required and the Democrats officially supporting homosexual marriage.

   Everyone in Massachusetts knows what Focus is doing in this state with people excited about the Amendment that the group has drafted for a scheduled vote by the legislature on March 11. This Amendment should be passed, in light of Margaret Marshall's second opinion mandating marriage for homosexuals. It will give Speaker Finneran and others room to challenge the court ruling.

   But we must realize that the Amendment does absolutely nothing about protecting us from civil unions, the same as there are in Vermont .

   The head of a "Focus on the Family" organization in Washington, Matt Daniels, President of the Alliance for Marriage, said earlier this month, “We want to make it absolutely explicit we don't want to overturn democratically created civil unions.” He says that despite the fact that everyone agrees that civil unions will always morph into homosexual marriage, the same as is happening in California .

   Focus appears to have written off Massachusetts and wants to quarantine us from the rest of the country. But the citizens of the state don't agree. The remarkable beginning of the Article 8 Alliance shows that most citizens have not given up. They are just starting to express their outrage.

   An article in the New York Times earlier this month, Feb. 8, says that this issue is seen as a source of great money. Focus recently sent out 2.5 million letters across the country appealing for money for its "fight" in Massachusetts . Our household received about twenty letters from Focus and its affiliates last month, asking for money to help them battle in this state.

Side Bar:

Washington Insider Tells What We Must Do

   A well-known Washington insider writes in the following article what we should encourage Pres. Bush to do.

   Not since a half million anti-war demonstrators tried to levitate the Pentagon has there been such an exercise in mass delusion.

   An Amendment to the Constitution is not going to be passed. If passed, it will not be ratified.

   We need to pass a second Defense of Marriage Act this year. It may be the critical issue that re-elects President Bush.

   Kerry says his position is the same as Vice President Cheney's: Let the states decide. That is what Cheney said in 2000. Cheney may be willing to change. Let's hope so.

   If we are careful not to bash anyone but to defend marriage, there's a good chance we can win a lopsided victory on this---just as we did in 1996.

   And if President Bush signs a second Defense of Marriage Act in a hotly contested election year, I doubt very seriously that the Supreme Court will overturn it.

   If it does, then that will break the logjam on judicial nominees and show the American people why you have to put an end to judicial tyranny.

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