Massachusetts and Child kidnapping
February 2004
Please we need your help. The attached letter explains the story of how our two youngest children (Christian, now 15 and Marianne, now 5) were illegally kidnapped across state lines without either our or their consent which is against federal law (Federal Criminal Code & Rules, under Title 18 of the U.S. Code, section 1201) and without our/or their proper due process of law being served.

It all started when our son was illegally kicked out of, and kept from returning to his public school, also against U.S. law and the massive local cover-up that ensued. We can absolutely prove the false testimony, accusations, writings, etc., on Massachusetts' part from beginning to end. Assault on our son while in Kansas, and child abuse of our youngest daughter while in Mass.' Custody.

Massachusetts has not allowed any communications between us and them or visa-versa since May 30, 2003. Massachusetts has not allowed any of our families the notification or the right to attend hearings, trials, etc. They have even stopped their grandmother's and our oldest daughter's visitation rights with both of our children.

After reading our plight, please, please help us and our children to somehow publicize and to fight and to file federal law action against all involved. We miss our children very, very much, our health is going downward as an result -- Please help us. We are currently working on a book on our story. Please help, we beg of you. Thank You.

God Bless You!

Tom and Priscilla of Kansas

Hello, we're Tom and Priscilla Morrill, and up until almost two years ago we lived in Randolph, Mass. I myself, was raised and brought up in Randolph my whole life.

I am a Christian chidrens book author. I ran for public office in Randolph in 1992 (in which I came close to winning). My main goal was to try to eliminate some of the outrageous school spending (or waste), in our town's school system, which was draining the town's taxpayers unfairly. For going against our school system, our family has payed most dearly ever since!

We have 3 children, Stacy (20), Christian (15) and Marianne ( just turned 5). Please We beg of you, we need your help desperately!!! We'll try to explain our situation as quickly as possible, and provide you with all of the proof and info later, if requested.

In late Sept., 2001, our son Christian (then just turned 13) attended Randolph middle school. He got into an incident where another student stabbed him in the hand with a pencil, so he retaliated by stabbing him back with his pencil. He alone was sent to the vice-principal's office, he recommended that he see the school psychiatrist. She later told us that Chris could not return to school in any way, shape or form, without first having him by psychological evaluated from South Shore Mental Health Center in Quincy.

We refused to have him marked as being this or that officially, fearing that this would follow and somehow scar him for the rest of his life. We then started a letter writing campaign with the school and the town (via signed-certified mail, wanting proof of our letters), asking for the exact legal law in writing pertaining to their wanting and requesting that our son have a psychological evaluation according to the “law,” and if not, then accept our son back into school.

Every 2 weeks we sent out another signed-certified letter to the school, and then also to the town, school department, etc., but we never got any response in return at all from anybody. Since I had been an a collector of old school books, my wife used them to continue to teach our son, until they accepted him back into school.

One day before Thanksgiving, 2001, without ever hearing a word from the school or anyone, we got a legal notice to appear in court for (get this) our son's “truancy!” To say the least, we were angry. But since we were sure that we had all of the proof (copies of all our letters, and the signed-certified mail receipts, etc.), we thought that we would get all of this overturned quickly. Yeah, that's what we thought.

In court, we intended to show and to produce and to prove that our son was illegally blocked and barred from attending his school and was federally denied him his rights to an education. We found out very quickly that legal court is totally different from family court. In a legal court, you have rights – in family court, you don't. In court, we were not allowed to make any sort of a defense at all for our son. He denied us to even to hear or to see any of our evidence at all. When the judge refused to hear anything, we asked for a jury trial, in hopes that in that setting that we'd then be allowed to present our evidence to a jury. When we requested that, the judge got quite angry and immediately ordered that our son have the psychological testing done “or face the consequences!!” The consequences were explained (not on the record, mind you) to my wife in the hallway as being that our son would be taken away by social services (whom she was one of), if we didn't sign the consent papers allowing it to be done, and if we did sign, then social services wouldn't get involved at all.

Feeling that we didn't have any other choice, we signed and allowed him to be tested at his school, though it was done over all of our “protest.” He began to attend school again, but then our son started to notice, and overheard that social services people were frequently in the school, asking personal questions, etc., about him. This got him really nervous. On some days, he was so afraid, that he would walk home different ways from school, fearing that they would snatch him or pick him up while he was walking home … and sure enough, his feelings were right. Shortly afterwards that day, social services officials started appearing at our door. We were betrayed!! We signed. He was being tested – Now leave us alone!!!

Our son then broke down crying as quietly as he could, which carried over to our youngest (who was almost 3). For you see, we brought our children up believing that in America, you are free and that you have rights, well the reality sank in to him and then us, we had no due process of law in the corrupt family court system. At this point, the ones from social services came creeping around the house trying to look in the windows and such. He fell apart again, he didn't want to be taken away from us. Our son didn't want us to open the door, but we didn't want to either. He asked us not to let them “get him.” The grip of fear started with him and came over all of us. He's quiet and very shy (the same as his father), he's never hurt a fly, unless someone came right straight out and attacked him physically first. We thought that we were afraid, but we noticed that he was absolutely terrified -- talk about child abuse!

You have to understand something else. We lived in a rented single-family house, and yes, we admit that he house needed repairs done, but when the landlord tells you that they can't afford to make them, what were we going to do? We, at the time, couldn't afford another place -- we were stuck. We knew that with all of the repairs being needed, and hearing what absolute nit-pickers that social services wouldn't of looked positively on it, so we never let them in the house at all, and as far as I've researched, I've never seen any law that says that we have to let them in.

Fearing that the once simple situation was now getting totally out of hand, I put all of my freelance advertising work aside totally, and we all (me, my wife, son & youngest daughter) constantly went every day into Boston and Cambridge, to all of the colleges and universities' law schools and libraries, etc., looking for the exact law and for help.

We started a massive letter writing campaign pleading and begging anybody we could think of, including all of the local media, government agencies, even all of our politicians. We were intent on saving our son, legally and through the legal system. We found out that it is illegal (against federal law) to bar a minor from getting his education. Time was running out, though we did receive a personal letter from Sen. Kerry, stating that he would be glad to help and to assist in any way that he could, only visit his Boston office and they'll help. Well, we did just that, but they didn't wish to help after all, they didn't want to come up against social services.

By this time, we had all of the evidence and the exact law that we would ever need against everybody involved, but without the money for a great attorney, what chance did we have, as we would soon find out.

At the start of January (2002), I noticed a new newspaper called “The Massachusetts News.” It immediately caught my eye, because on the front page was a story of DSS (Mass. Social Services), so I picked one up. Later I read it and found out that in dealing with social services, that you don't have any of your Constitutional rights at all. Since nothing is claimed “criminally,” that you don't get a jury trial of any kind. Nothing has to be proven on their part at all -- only perceived, and that the family law judges always back social services and never the kids or the parents. We thought nothing barring a miracle was going to save our son.

One of our court dates, we brought our youngest daughter, Marianne (then 3) to court -- that was the worst thing that we could of ever done! You should of seen all of their (social services) eyes widen, and you could plainly see the dollar signs in front of their eyes. You could read their thoughts of “Boy, what a nice, well behaved and well mannered little girl, I bet we could adopt her quickly.” Shortly after that, her name was now added to what was the constantly changing charges, that finally became a “care & protection” charge -- we all knew that we were dead. We had “ALL” of the evidence and the “LAW,” but we knew that we just simply wouldn't be heard on any of it.

Later they try to claim that my wife was unfit, then that our son was unfit, then on our last court date on Feb. 28, 2002, they also claimed that I was as well. I have a speech disability, that often gets confused as a person being slow or something. We had to be in court at 9 am, but how looney is this. We didn't get our quote hearing until after 6 pm that evening, after everyone else was long gone out of the courthouse, strange isn't it?

We had so-called court appointed attorneys (whom we found out, that if they fight and win for their so-called clients, that they would lose their contract with the state of Mass., nice huh? I found it on the internet). Our attorneys didn't say one single thing about all of our evidence and law, neither would they present it, neither were we allowed to present anything in our behalf! We worked so feverishly for months obtaining all of it, that we knew that we were beat. He ordered both of us, in addition of Christian, to undergo psychiatric evaluations, and that we must open up our home for DSS investigators (Nazi storm troopers) as often as they wished, starting on the following morning. The judge wouldn't even listen to the pleadings of our son.

With no chance for a jury trial or to present our evidence, or for any form of justice, in any sense of the word, when we arrived home, we had a family meeting. We asked each other, what we wanted to do now. All of us (except our oldest daughter, Stacy, then 18, thank God) voted to leave everything we had and to move away and to hide somewhere, especially our son, he just wanted it all to end! Our oldest shortly afterwards moved in with my mother. It was agreed, since we couldn't rely on the justice system to protect our rights, we agreed to pack up only what we could carry, nothing else.

We placed all of our evidence (and copies of such) in a safe places in various locations, until the time came where we could use it against them. We lost everything! Me, and my well over $100,000.00 worth of old comic books, newspapers, old toys, school books, reference materials, as well as all of my original artwork. My wife lost all of her years worth of cooking utencils and cooking items, family recipes, etc. As being our own family historian, we lost all of our family's historic items, paintings, everything. I only brought 3 books with me, in favor of my son and daughter being able to take more of their own things along.

You see, we love our children so very much, that we actually sacrificed everything for them! That's just how much that family means to us! My son would later recall just how much that we sacrificed for saving all of us, though we never ever let on, and that we would do it all over again for all of us. My son actually and willingly gave up and cashed in his new Playstation 2 video game system, that he got for Christmas, just to give us more money in leaving, what a son, I've always been proud of him.

Then, the following day, March 1 st , we left Massachusetts, headed for the Kansas City area under assumed names to hide our escape, to where we thought that people were going to be different here. A year and a couple of months later, when we finally thought that it was safe to contact our oldest daughter back in Mass, she told us exactly what happened on the day that we did leave. She told us that when nobody answered the door, that they (the police, social workers), in the witness of our so-called court appointed attorneys, broke in our house that we rented. They broke down all of the doors and some of the windows as well, using a phony search warrant issued by some judge, on the premise that here was a gas leak in the house. Well we can prove without a shadow of a doubt that the gas had already been shut off (on the street) months before this, which can be attested to by the gas company. And anybody in their right mind, would not knock or even break in the doors at all to create any sort of a spark to ignite leaking gas! It was purely illegal entry. So much so that the house now was unlivable for our oldest and she had to move out herself.

After that, our oldest said that the court had dragged her, my mother and other of my family relatives into court, threatening them with jail time if they did not answer him on where we were – but no one knew where we were. Before we left, my mother didn't want to know where we were going, because she didn't want to have to lie about it, if asked.

We moved & stayed in metro Kansas City ever since, being truly relieved to escape with our family intact, except for our oldest. Within 2 months, we again had our own place, thanks to the generosity of others down here. We were together and totally happy. We were both working, making a living and doing fine, until I lost my job on Halloween day, 2002. We held on the best we could, we tried everything, but in March, 2003, we had no choice then, but to enter a family homeless shelter here in the metro.

Because we were using assumed names, we didn't feel totally comfortable in sharing too much, that sparked the nosy curiosity of 2 bizzy-bodies associated with the shelter, who started, without our knowledge, investigating on their own, behind the scenes on the internet, seeking whether or not if our youngest, Marianne, was really ours or not.

Well they thought that we kidnapped her, by finding on a missing childrens site, a child that they thought that she was, and contacted the police here in Olathe, Kansas.

We were both working again and had saved up enough money to get another place, but only one day shy of moving into our new place this time using our proper names (Friday, May 30,2003), the police came to question us abut who we actually were. They didn't know who we were, but they did know that we weren't the people that we were claiming to be.

We never applied for any kind of credit or anything else using the other peoples names. We never hurt their good names, except to temporarily work that's all. But we were one day shy of dropping their identities and regaining our own when this all happened.

We volunteered all of the information about ourselves after awhile, but only on the premise that they would promise to keep our 2 minor children safe and to remain here in Kansas, and not to be placed in the hands of Massachusetts -- the detective promised us that they wouldn't go back to Mass., especially since no warrants were ever issued for either them or us for that matter.

Now before the police even knew who we were, they read us our rights and knowingly had us sign the Miranda rights forms using our assumed names. When we did finally tell them our real identities, they were required by law to have us fill out other Miranda rights forms, using our real names on them to make the arrest legal and binding, but they didn't, and according to “Miranda v. Arizona"”(384 U. S. 436, 86 S. Ct. 1602, 16 L.Ed. 2d 694 (1966)), we hold that even thought it is a legal technicality, it was “failure to follow proper procedure,” and a failure to properly serve legal notice to … We also hold that since the state (Kansas) could not produce the proper signed Miranda waivers in our proper legal names, then all of the statements made, including all of the evidence taken via search and seizure(which is all of it), should have been hereby deemed useless and inadmissible (U.S.C.A. Constitution, Amendment 5 -- Criminal law 412.2 (4) & Agnello v. U.S., N.Y. 1925, 46 S. Ct. 4, 269 U.S. 20, 70 L.Ed 145), and if we were not legally in custody, then we were deprived of our freedom of action in an significant way – contending false arrest and false imprisonment (according to Criminal law 412.2 (2) of the U. S. C.A. Constitution Amendment 5).

At the police station, under arrest, our son said that he's look after Marianne (4) and not to worry about her. We were both sent to jail unable to even talk with one another form some 2 & a half months. Unaware to us on what happened to either of our children all of the time that we were in jail (my wife for 2 months and me for over 3), we never knew anything until our oldest wrote to me in jail about it over a month or so later. When our oldest and my mother visited them at the Attleboro, Mass center on a visitation visit. It seems that right after they were put into the custody of Johnson County Social Services here (which we never knew where they we taking them to), that for 3 or 4 hours afterwards, that they tricked our son into going out into the hallway. When he knew what was really occurring, he tried to go back in to at least say goodbye to his baby sister. When he tried to, he was forcibly taken down and restrained by 3 J.C. sheriffs, and amply handcuffed and was placed into a cell at the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center (a straight- out jail), here in Olathe, Kansas for a week, all because he wanted to say goodbye to his little sister, talk about abuse!

My wife and I were never told anything about our children whatsoever, when we were in jail, only she was told once that they were all right, that's it, nothing else. Talk about abuse, our oldest also told us that they (DSS) even took away her only things of ours she had remaining, the last things, her favorite things in the World besides us – her Toy Story “Woody” doll, and her favorite blankie. Yeah, they care about children right??!!

Still unaware of any of anything except for our oldest, and one letter, that we did finally receive on Nov. 20 th , no notification at all was given to either of us by either Kansas or Massachusetts about our children. In Mass., They stopped our oldest and my mother's visitation rights illegally. When our childrens court dates were announced, no one knew about them at all. My mother and our oldest should have been notified and have been able to attend, but they weren't.

Our son's 1-page letter, sent through his attorney and received by us on Nov. 20 th describes that one week after our arrests, that they were flown back to Mass. Now Mass didn't ever issue any warrant or missing childrens report or any other kind of issue against our children. We still had full parental rights in tact, so how could Kansas Social Services just ship off our children to Mass., without our legal consent, notice or signed waivers?? They took our son back without his own written consent and against his wishes, he would of never accepted to return to Mass., in any way. It was all perpetrated without either our or his own, let alone Marianne's consent. This constitutes federal kidnapping charges against both the states of Kansas and Massachusetts, it's against federal law! (Federal criminal code & rules, under Title 18 of the U.S. Code (USC), Section 1201. Kidnapping. * Whoever unlawfully seizes, confines, inveigles,, decoys, kidnaps, abducts, or carries away & holds any person who has not attained the age of 18, when the person is willfully transported in interstate or foreign commerce.”) Our children were to of the jurisdiction of Massachusetts, since they (we) are Kansas residents, and Massachusetts had no warrants issued for our children prior to their being taken in the first place, so why were they illegally transported across state lines?? (Title 18, U.S.C., Section 1201 (g) “provides special rules for offenses involving children. Where the victim is under the age of 18 years and the offender(s) has obtained such age and is not a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or person having legal custody, sentencing levels are increased to reflect the severity of the treatment and situation in which the child has been placed.) Does either state have a witnessed signed extradition affidavits with either of their names or signatures on them?? No! Then it's interstate kidnapping an federal crime! And we want our children back!!

But even that isn't the end of the matter. In Massachusetts' hopes of having both of us return back to the state and have our probations turned over to Mass., they did not count on us, wishing to remain in Kansas, where we are able to peaceably fight for our childrens freedom here, without having Mass trying to silence us as well -- Well their still trying to get us here anyways. How so you may ask? Remember, Massachusetts has a lot to lose if we present our evidence and win against them. It would prove without a shadow of a doubt our innocence.

Remember a couple of things, after children are taken into custody of social services, that they are given whole and complete medical exams within days of being taken into so-called custody, looking for any cases of sexual or physical abuse. Well we have knowledge that they were both examined both in Kansas and in Mass., and absolutely nothing shown up physically wrong with either of them at all. Anything would of shown up immediately of either and nothing ever did.

No claims against any of us were even mentioned until some 4+ months after they were in social services hands. Now they suddenly claim that first, our son had probably physically and probably sexually abused his little sister, without any proof mind you at all. The physicals done months earlier would of proven any question of sexual or physical abuse immediately -- and didn't show anything!

Then after knowing full well that I wouldn't return to Mass to serve out my probation, they also then tried to charge me here on Sept. 22 nd for the same thing. The police made it quite clear that I could leave at anytime I wished, and that I didn't have to answer ant questions, if I didn't want to. But I cooperated with Olathe, Ks's detective Sundberg in answering questions, up until he mentioned the fact on why I was called in there, for the unofficial questioning of the possible sexual abuse of our youngest. I was first hurt. I've always believed that if anybody molests a child, that they ought to cut off their privates, so that it could never happen again. It totally took me by shock, after that I got angry, but under control nevertheless. I asked the detective a question, I said “If I was to have done this, or if there was any so-called proof, then you would of arrested me immediately, isn't that right?” He said “That's right.” Then I asked him politely, “Why am I here then?” and I left. I haven't heard anything else about it all since then -- because it never happened.

Since then, our first communications have come to us from Mass social services came on Nov. 21 st , stating (all fabricated times and charges, and we can prove everyone of them) that not only was our son, Christian being charged and had been already been sentenced to “long-term substitute care,” whatever that exactly means. Not only am I also charged with the same alledged sexual and physical abuse, but now they've even tacked the charges onto their mother as well. Our youngest is being put up for adoption, where their (DSS') real money comes from, as well as their federal funding (visit and type in either “DSS,” or “social services” to find out all of the hundreds of similar horror stories perpetrated by Mass social services).

They even are claiming that all 3 of us are somehow mentally ill. Well, our oldest daughter Stacy is fine, wouldn't she be mentally ill also? Shhhh! Sorry, I shouldn't give “them” the idea huh? They just might do that.

We are currently writing a book about all of this, in which a family organization has already taken interest in publishing it. But until then, Please! We need you help -- we live in fear every second of every day, wondering what's happening to our children, and what might become of us -- We only want the truth to come out, we can prove just how much that Massachusetts has lied, made up practically every single item claimed, and how much they keep on telling other persons, like our probation officers different stories, etc. None of them can keep any sort of story straight -- and that's another point on how we've got them! We can prove fact from their fiction. We only (1) want our children back. (2) To have “all” of the proof to come out, hopefully in public, like with our book. (3) We want both Massachusetts and Kansas up on federal kidnapping charges, and to pay for their miscarriage of justice. (4) We want some legal whiz to get us a writ of habeas corpus to bring the lower court's decision and judgements into question, when it failed to comply with federal law. (Habeas corpus is a remedy allowed under the federal Constitution to challenge the detainment of a human being, whether in jail or state funded detainment, such as foster care.) (5) We want charges of the same state and federal (and /or even possibly international) child abuse charges to be filed on our childrens behalf against all parties involved, including the 3 Johnson Co. sheriffs that assaulted our son, while trying to see his sister. (6) File civil law suits against all involved (whether in a group or one-by -one).

I've never been one for knowing the exact law, but I'm learning real fast! I've always read and know and followed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and now I want to know if their really is justice anymore in the United States of America, I'm praying that here is!

Please! We're desperate -- your prayers and any help in any manner would be greatly appreciated. We can give and show the evidence to shut up social services, but only if we're given a chance to in federal courtroom setting, with an competent attorney (or group of attorneys) or federal agency to go after them.

Help us be able to press federal charges against both of the states. If we could, we'd even like to take this to the Supreme Court, in hopes of helping others overturn these social services laws.

Please, they kidnapped our children to try to silence the truth, now they're trying to silence us as well. Even charges of “white slavery,” “racketeering for profit” could pertain to these matters. Please we beg of you for help, You're our only hope for some type of justice to be served -- Please! And please, please, really visit the “Massachusetts News” web site at www. and search on “DSS” or “Social services,” your eyes will show you that we're not the only ones in these same situations.

We pray and cry that someone will agree to stand up for all of us in this tyranny and miscarriage of justice perpetrated by an corrupt out of hand state bureaucracy. Are we living in World War II Germany or communist Russia, where anybody can be accused of anything, not be proven, and then be sentenced anyways?-- I thought that due process was the heart of our founding fathers' Constitution to protect us. I thought that “our” America was a country that ensured families the right to live together peacefully without undue, or unwarranted governmental interference? Removal of any child from his or her parents, or brothers and sisters without due process of law “IS CHILD ABUSE!” Removing children with due process, real due process is no less a crime than a stranger abducting your children!

Again, Please help us. We fill our beds every night with our tears, fearing and wondering what their doing to our children -- Please help us, we beg of you! Even our health is beginning to go down-hill lately. Please help us ! -- The only crime that we're guilty of, is that we belong to the working poor!-- and the poor don't get justice these days. Please ! Think of how you would feel if it happened to you and your child(ren)?

Hoping someone cares -- Thank you so much for all of your time and help. Remember to pray for us, especially for Christian (15) and Marianne (now 5). God Bless You.

If anyone thinks they can help these people please contact and I will forward your contact information to them.


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