Fistgate to be Held  Again on March 15

Teenagers Taught by Public Schools How to
Play with Sexual Organs of Other Students

MassNews Staff
March 7, 2003

Fistgate IV will be held again on March 15 to teach teenagers how to play with the sexual organs of other students.

The first Fistgate was in 2000 and caused waves of protests from parents and others. It was exposed by the Parents Rights Coalition which taped part of the scandal so that people would finally understand what was happening, and by MassNews which reported it.

The homosexual community has said that its agenda was badly damaged by the scandal. It was almost unable to find a location for the event in 2001, but Tufts University finally did let them use its facilities again.

The sponsor of the event, GLSEN, an acronym for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, says that the purpose of Fistgate is to teach safety and respect. But the event that was taped in 2000 went on for 55 minutes about explicit forms of homosexual sex, including thrusting your fist into another's rectum, before anything was even mentioned about condoms in the last five minutes.

Four years later in 2003, the Gay/Straight Alliance at Newton North High School, with the help of the state Dept, of Education, is handing out leaflets to students arriving at the school, which ask questions such as, "If you have never slept with a person of the same sex, how do you know that you wouldn't prefer that?"

It lists BAGLY as a resource for the teenagers to contact. In 1999, which was before Fistgate, MassNews reported that BAGLY offered $25 and free dinner to boys who would come to their headquarters in Boston and discuss homosexual sex and other issues. The boys were also invited to a free, three-day, lakeside, weekend retreat in New Hampshire with other "boys" up to 25-years, who are "attracted to or have sex with other men."

The following is printed on the Newton High pamphlets: "This project is supported by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Education."

The state has been paying more than $1.5 million/year to help the Gay/Straight Alliances in the schools and similar activities. It is impossible to discover how much money is now going to those projects. Some of the money always went to GLSEN and it is assumed that much of it still does.

More information is available at or at (search for Fistgate).


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