Homosexual Lawyers Still Pummel Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman

Questioned Again All Day

By Geraldine Hawkins
February 24, 2003

Brian Camenker

Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), used its staff of five fulltime lawyers last month to continue to pummel Brian Camenker and Scott Whiteman for exposing the scandal at Fistgate.

Camenker was forced to spend all day answering more personal questions from the lawyers.

"There are few things more unsettling than spending a day being grilled by a team of homosexual lawyers, under oath, all being recorded," Camenker told MassNews.

"People do different things on their birthdays," he said. "On February 4, I spent my birthday being deposed by (GLAD), in their legal offices in downtown Boston. It was a day sitting face-to-face with a homosexual activist lawyer as he asked one intrusive, obnoxious, grating question after another, getting visibly angry if my own lawyer held me back from answering, with an apparently gay court stenographer sitting next to me, getting every word down.

"When all is said and done, the day will have cost about $2,500 - for my two lawyers, that is. GLAD gets money from public funds.

"Homosexual activists and school administrators are excellent at 'snowing' parents, but they're not good at 'snowing' me. That's why they know that if they can silence us, they can silence anybody." -Brian Camenker

"It's crazy. What they want to do is make an example and punish us for exposing this depravity. Their worst nightmare is to have this exposed to the general public."

GLAD is claiming that the privacy rights of the participants were violated because Whiteman taped a session at Fistgate in order to prove that the events really did happen. Judge Allan van Gestel refused to dismiss the lawsuit and attempted to gag the press in the matter. But the national press, particularly Fox News, protested his action and he recanted. But he did not release the whistleblowers, Camenker and Whiteman, who have, as a result, been subjected to the suit for three years.

GLAD has a staff of 15 with five fulltime lawyers, working only on homosexual issues in New England, primarily Massachusetts. This was the firm which sued Vermont for gay marriage and currently has a suit in Massachusetts, which will be heard by the Supreme Court in March. Both Camenker and Whiteman have to pay private lawyers to represent them.

The case has been dragging out since the summer of 2000. The cost of defending it has reached well over $100,000. Famed attorney Chester Darling, who won 9-0 before the US Supreme Court in a similar case, has donated his time and is heading up the defense team. But funds are very low and his firm is having difficulty keeping up with the huge amount of motions in the case being filed by the five lawyers in GLAD.

"But if we give up, and lose this, then it will send a clear message that this can succeed against any parent," says Camenker. "And the intimidation around the country will be stepped up several notches."

"The most ghastly thing about Fistgate is that it is not at all unusual," Camenker tells MassNews. "Most people would listen to that tape, and get physically sick. It's absolutely unbelievable, but they [GLAD] don't see anything wrong with it. They say they are just helping kids, and parents are getting in the way. They have a completely different worldview than most parents.

"They claim that we are somehow violating their privacy. They are using very sleazy, lying tactics," says Camenker. He says this included the recruitment of a 17-year-old girl to their cause. "When we deposed her, we asked what had been said that was so personal. She hadn't even heard the tape. It's impossible to tell one kid's voice from another on the tape, and she didn't even know if she was on it."

A tape of Fistgate can be obtained from the office of MassNews, but not from Camenker, due to what he calls, "A bizarre, idiotic, unconstitutional restraining order GLAD got. Even Alan Dershowitz said it was unconstitutional."

Scott Whiteman taped Fistgate; Camenker was not present because, "One, it was on Saturday, and being Jewish, I don't do those things on Saturday; and two, they gross me out." Fistgate was covered extensively by MassNews and is mentioned in three recent books: Sean Hannity's Let Freedom Ring, William Bennett's The Broken Hearth, and

When the Drama Club is Not Enough: Lessons from the Same-Sex Program for Gay and Lesbian Students by two homosexual activists, Jeff Perrotti and Kim Westheimer.

"It's as bad as reading Nazi propaganda," Camenker says. "They have this view of life that's so twisted."

When questioned about the title of the Perrotti/Westheimer book, with its implication that most students in drama clubs are gay, Camenker replied: "Certain people who are very creative and highly strung can be prone to getting involved with this kind of activity and getting addicted to it. The kids who are identified as homosexual often need real help. They tend to have emotional problems, and alcohol and drug problems.

"When they start self-identifying as gays, thanks to these Gay/Straight Alliances in the schools who tell them, 'Let's help you affirm that,' these troubled kids embrace a false identity that's so destructive."

Camenker says that Newton North High School recently held a Bisexual Awareness Day, in which homosexual activists gave students advice such as, "How to properly dispose of condoms if you're having sex at home, and your parents aren't there."

In addition, the school held a Transgender Day, in which the main speaker was a man who is in the process of undergoing a sex change. "This was written up in the school paper," says Camenker. "The administration thought it was funny, and very educational."
Newton South High School is "worse," Camenker tells MassNews. "They held an AIDS Awareness Day, in which the main speaker was a man with AIDS who claims that he is not a homosexual, but that he got AIDS when he was 'raped by a priest' in 1977. AIDS wasn't even in this country in 1977."

When questioned why this is allowed to continue, Camenker replied: "The kids don't tell their parents. They're too embarrassed. Besides, there is a huge intimidation factor involved. If you go up against this stuff, they tell you you're a bigot. Or the schools will tell you, 'You're the only one who's complained.' That's a common one."

According to Camenker, "Homosexual activists and school administrators are excellent at snowing parents, but they're not good at snowing me. That's why they know that if they can silence us, they can silence anybody.

"There is good reason that this is still being talked about outside of Massachusetts. What happens here can have big implications around the country. If they can do this to us, in this celebrated case, then they can do this to anyone, anywhere. No parent will be able to challenge homosexual activists in the public schools.

"For me, and especially Scott, it could be another year or more. Or, it's possible that I could be dropped (as only the 'distributor') so they could concentrate on putting the full-court press on Scott (the actual 'taper.') Or maybe not. Right now, no one knows. What we do know is that we cannot stop. The struggle goes on."

Further background information can be found at: www.ParentsRightsCoalition.org. Direct Contact: Brian Camenker Day: 781-899-4905.


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