Local Author Debunks Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Perloff Presents Evidence in Layman's Terms

THE CASE AGAINST DARWINISM: Why the Evidence Should be Examined; By James Perloff
Refuge Books
By Kate Langone
February 21, 2003

Is Darwin's theory of evolution a scientific fact? Think again. James Perloff has succeeded in presenting a strong case for reevaluating the conventional "wisdom."

In the 144 years since Charles Darwin published his notorious book, The Origin of Species, his theory of evolution has come to be regarded by many as irrefutable fact. Creationism has all but disappeared from public school curriculum. God has been driven out and his divine design rejected in favor of "primordial soup."

The disgrace of such one-sided education is not only the endorsed spoon-feeding of bad science and secular bias to schoolchildren and adults alike, but most alarmingly the pivotal role it plays in cultivating moral relativism in society.

The Origin of Species helped shape the philosophies of men such as Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx. In a society where we regard "communism" as the scarlet letter of our day, a surprising multitude of people readily and blindly embrace Darwinian theories of evolution.

What many people do not know is that strong opposition to Darwin does exist, with a great many learned individuals among the ranks. Boston-based, Christian author James Perloff gives voice to those who refuse to trade in fact for fiction. The Case Against Darwin consolidates the main ideas of Perloff's earlier book, Tornado in a Junkyard, into a summary that is both powerful and comprehensive.

The relative brevity of this book does not translate into any loss of clarity nor ideological integrity. Rather, it presents extensive evidence against the theory of macroevolution (existing species giving rise to new ones) in concise, laymen's terms that facilitate understanding by readers who may be lacking in time, attention span, or scientific knowledge.

In building The Case, Perloff addresses many of the most commonly held misconceptions about the nature and plausibility of evolution, citing evidence from genetics, biochemistry, and the fossil record. Brick by brick, he disassembles the foundation upon which Darwinists base their beliefs. He outright disproves many myths such as pertain to embryology and the idea of vestigial organs.

Because there is so great a lack of evidence in support of Darwin's theory, Perloff clearly illustrates that faith is necessary in order to believe in evolution as truth. How ironic that is considering that faith has long suffered the scorn of Darwin's supporters. The Case Against Darwin will serve both to challenge the skeptic and reaffirm avid believers in the truth.

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