Publisher's Notebook:
March 2003 Print Edition

Would You Like to Live in Vegas?

Is it necessary to turn our state into a Las Vegas or a Hong Kong in order to survive? As you may guess, this possibility has me and many others upset. But it has an "up" side also. Finally, we have discovered something that's going to reveal everyone's core values.


We agree we have almost no manufacturing jobs left. But most Beacon Hill types don't even consider trying to bring them back. They say gambling is required. One of them, Rep. Asselin (D-Springfield) is, at least, honest and frank about his beliefs. He's joined by some desperate citizens who are still living in the once-thriving city of Holyoke without a way to support their families. Also, the Majority Leader, Sen. Linda Melconian (D-Springfield), insists they need a casino out there.

If we do give a welcome to casinos, it's a given that prostitution will come with it. Why not hurry that up and really get the economy moving? Let the teenagers earn some extra money for their families. We could provide jobs for young female and male prostitutes. Debauchery for everyone.

Atty. J. Edward Pawlick, Publisher

Maybe we could even get Barney Frank to run it for us. He's had plenty of experience with his homosexual prostitution house where he helped young runaway teenage boys get off the streets with an offer of a shelter over their heads. He could even bring Steve Gobie back to assist him again. While some will say that I am now being "mean," it is the truth about that leader, isn't it?

According to Rep. Asselin, a Newton businessman wants to put a billion-dollar casino in Boston. He already owns a casino in Las Vegas and has a lot of experience. Wow!!! We can't turn that down!

Asselin even has advice for those who disagree with him: "If you don't want to gamble, don't go there!!" He says that his co-sponsor, John Fresolo (D-Worcester) wants to put one at the Worcester airport.

Both Governors Swift and Romney agree. The only question they have is whether the casinos will make money for Beacon Hill.

If you're so narrow-minded and straight-laced that all of this doesn't appeal to you, just think of the new jobs at "New England Gamblers Anonymous" and the "Council on Compulsive Gambling." Not to mention a soaring rate of sexual disease that will bring more business for our famous hospitals. Instead of discovering a cure for AIDS, we can start working on the really exotic diseases we haven't even heard of yet.

Most businessmen have been forced to think that "prosperity" and profits are the only ingredient of what we believe is a successful society. But a "prosperous society" is nothing but an empty shell without the spiritual aspects that have always been our foundation. This empty shell is what has produced scandals like Enron. That would have been totally unthinkable fifty years ago.

But all of us are guilty. We're seeking mammon instead of "prosperity." We regard riches as an object of worship and greedy pursuit. As long as we are personally happy, it doesn't concern us that others are being severely damaged by the loss of manufacturing jobs. Throw them a bone such as welfare and free "legal services." Give a tiny fraction of them "affordable housing" way out in the boondocks somewhere. Let them be grateful and listen to the "elite" (and vote for them).

It's obvious that we must determine why we no longer have manufacturing jobs. We must attempt to bring those businesses back home, instead of chasing them away. We don't have room to discuss that here. We will do so in the next issue. Please look for it.
Our core values are still strong, but we lack leadership. Let's pray to God that He will send us the leadership to restore our country and that we will have the wisdom to recognize those leaders.


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