Cellucci, Malone Continue to Dispute Source of Credit Reports
Governor demands that Malone investigate his campaign team

BOSTON, Thursday, September 10--Post-Republican gubernatorial 
debate fallout continued today as Governor Paul Cellucci and Treasurer Joseph Malone clashed over the now-public details of Cellucci's significant
personal debt load.

Speaking to reporters before attending Speaker Thomas Finneran's annual
Tomato Festival, the governor again demanded that Malone find out
who illegally obtained his confidential loan reports, as well as those of
his wife and his father.

"I don't think he answered the question last night," Cellucci said.  He
repeated his call for Malone to question campaign consultants and aides
about how reports found their way into the hands of reporters.  Cellucci
stopped short of accusing Malone outright:  "There are only so many
suspects.  There are only so many opponents in this campaign."  

A few minutes after meeting with Cellucci, reporters again asked Malone
whether he or anyone in his campaign had obtained or seen the reports: "I
have never seen that report," he said.  "I don't know where (WHDH-TV
reporter) Andy Hiller got that information."

Malone rejected Cellucci's charge that the bitter race between the two men
has fractured the Republican Party.  "I've kept this race on issues and
philosophy," Malone said.

Cellucci today responded to Malone's charge that he is cozy with Democratic legislative leaders, claiming he sets the agenda and then works with Democrats to accomplish it.   

"You have to push your agenda," he said.  "We set the agenda. We 
dominate the agenda."  While he didn't get the larger tax cut he pushed for,
Cellucci again pointed to the record-breaking tax cuts he and lawmakers 
did approve this year.  "I asked for a billion five and I got a billion," he
said.  "Joe Malone probably would have vetoed that and the taxpayers would have gotten nothing."

The intense battle with Malone, which Cellucci expects to win, has prepared
him for the general election in November.  "Malone has been pretty
relentless," Cellucci said. "I think I'll be ready for Scott Harshbarger."

Harshbarger appeared at the State House this morning to praise Malone and
Cellucci for such an acrimonious primary fight, which he says make the
Democrats' job easier.  "We saw two Republican accountants playing tennis
with live hand grenades," the Democratic gubernatorial candidate said.
"The Republicans delivered a coherent message yesterday: 'Don't bother to
look to us for any new ideas and new innovations.' "

As for the cordial three-way Democratic debates, Harshbarger said, "At
least we didn't spend our time hacking and distorting each others' record."

(State House News Service) 

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