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Boston Globe Was Bothered by 'Politically Lopsided State'
Ferguson & Leisy Lose Primary

Ray Neary Hired to Fight for Abstinence Education
Message to Carla Howell about Taxes from Atty.Barbara Johnson, Independent Candidate
Newton Taxpayer Head Leaves for Westborough
Wellesley Alum, Paula Vanderhorst, Needham, Afraid to Answer Challenge
Wellesley College Censors Mail in Alumnae Magazine

Suicides of Boys Who Were Molested
Globe is Bigoted Against Central Americans: Publishes Strange Story about Death of 14 Migrant Workers
Migrant Workers Were Living As All Americans Do

Boston Globe Was Bothered by 'Politically Lopsided State'

Even as late as 1998, the Boston Globe lamented that we have become "one of the most politically lopsided states in the country." It said, "The Legislature is massively dominated by Democrats, the entire congressional delegation is Democratic, and similar hegemony exists among district attorneys and sheriffs."

But that was before the Political Editor of the Boston Phoenix became Editor of the Editorial page at the Globe. It is she, not some omniscient god on Morrisey Street, who is advising us daily on everything from Iraq to sex in the schools.

It was only four years ago that the Globe was saying, "So much for the two-party system," before the paper became totally controlled by Renee Loth and other extreme feminists.

We used to laugh at Mississippi and Alabama and their lack of diversity, but every state has more diversity today than Massachusetts. And the management at the Boston Globe likes that, including its new owner the NYTimes.

Ferguson & Leisey Lose Primary

Both Mark Ferguson (R-Holden) and Chris Leisey (R-Wilbraham) lost by tiny margins in last month's primary.

Ferguson was beaten by only 53 votes out of more than 5,000 by a Worcester lawyer, Lewis Evangelidis, who is the fifth generation to live on his road in Holden and said after the election, "People have had enough of this one-party state." Ferguson is backing Evangelidis in the general election against the Democratic incumbent.

Leisey lost by only 56 votes out of over 1800 to a Clean Elections candidate, Robert Collamore, Springfield, who is under investigation for violations of the Clean Elections law. He has been told he will be decertified because people have complained he used their names as contributors in order to qualify for state money when the people say they did not contribute.

Ray Neary Hired to Fight for Abstinence Education

The former president of Mass. Citizens for Life, Ray Neary, has been named by the Gerard Health Foundation, South Natick, as Director of Educational Services, where he will be leading their efforts in the schools of Massachusetts.

He will introduce abstinence education and "help rid the state of those sex education courses that really promote unbridled sex." He was a schoolteacher for over thirty years. People are encouraged to call Neary at his new office, 508-655-8813.

Message to Carla Howell about Taxes from Atty. Barbara Johnson, Independent Candidate

Atty. Barbara Johnson has sent the following message to Carla Howell about taxes. "Federal taxes, not Massachusetts taxes, are the problem. It's the bonus incentives to the states from the federal omnibus programs which are destroying the lives of our people. Stop the flow of money from the federal government to the state governments for unlawful arrests under the pretext of domestic violence and for the unlawful application of the child-support guidelines. If we stop the flow of money from our federal income taxes, the incentive to take unlawful action will be stemmed." Johnson is an independent candidate for Governor.

Newton Taxpayer Head Leaves for Westborough

The president of the Newton Taxpayers Association, Len Mead, has left Newton where he lived for over thirty years and moved to Westborough. Some anonymous "hate mail" leveled nasty attacks at his taxpayer group just before a recent election at which the Mayor's override of Proposition 2? barely passed the voters. When the political friends of Mayor David Cohen decided there was no reason to investigate who did the illegal mailing, many were upset.

Mead said, however, that he will stay active in Newton affairs and will find out who sent the mailing.

Wellesley Alum, Paula Vanderhorst, Needham, Afraid to Answer Challenge

After the Co-President of the Wellesley Alumnae of Boston, Paula Vanderhorst, Needham, wrote a letter complaining about MassNews coverage of the college and its alumnae magazine, we offered to print anything she wrote in rebuttal after reading our response. We predicted, however, that we would not hear from her again. We wrote, "But don't hold your breath on her doing so because there is nothing in any of our Wellesley articles to refute."

She obviously had written her puerile letter after seeing only our Internet edition and did not even read our entire piece about their recent article on domestic violence. We have not heard another word from her because she is too embarrassed.

Wellesley College Censors Mail in Alumnae Magazine

The recent Wellesley alumnae magazine had three letters praising the recent article about domestic violence which was misinformation in favor of constructing a new feminist boy and a new father who obeys women.

The college obviously censors the mail in its alumnae magazine or its graduates are unable to think for themselves. There is never a word of dissent no matter how poor an article is. A critique of their article is on page one of our July issue.

Suicides of Boys Who Were Molested

We continue to read in the Boston Globe about the many suicides of boys who were molested by priests, but nowhere do we see any recognition that this type of man is searching for boys everywhere. This molestation is happening not only in the Catholic church, but in our schools, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers, sports programs and everywhere that homosexual men are allowed to mentor teenage boys. In our schools, we tell any boy who feels "different" to go mix and mingle with homosexuals who are older than they.

The Globe continues the mantra that these priests are not homosexuals even though they are males who molested males. Not all homosexuals are molesters (most would be abhorred by such conduct) but all molesters of boys are obviously homosexual. We must all face that reality if we are to contain this scourge as we did very successfully until the 1970s.

Globe Is Bigoted Against Central Americans: Publishes Strange Story about Death of 14 Migrant Workers

In a strange story about the tragic death of 14 Honduran migrant workers after the crash of a van that was traveling 60-70 miles per hour on forest roads in Maine, the Globe demonstrated its bigotry against Hondurans last month.

Deep in the bowels of the story were the facts. The workers were all grown men who chose to live in Caribou, Maine, 90 miles from where they worked. They had a late-model van and drove themselves to work every day. They exercised very poor judgment in driving too fast and a tragedy resulted. It was lucky that no car was coming the other way.

But the Globe didn't tell us that on the front page of the paper. It started with a quote from one of its favorite "legal advocates for farm workers" in North Carolina, who said that the company which hired the workers had many violations. But even if that hearsay were true and no one knows if it is, it has nothing to do with this event.

Migrant Workers Were Living As All Americans Do

These Honduran workers were living as all Americans do. They rented their own lodgings and drove themselves to work. Does the Globe believe that Hondurans are not capable of taking care of themselves and they all need a gringo to care for them?

The Globe quoted a specialist from the Maine Dept. of Labor who said that forestry employers are not required to provide free housing as are employers for agricultural workers.

"Personally, I've always felt that forestry workers were given a bum rap. As I see it, they're doing the same job. If you're planting a rose bush or planting a tree, what's the difference?"

But what does that have to do with the fact that this van was being driven by the workers in a reckless and dangerous manner?

Are we to tell all Hondurans that each will be given a gringo to watch out for him because they are not as smart as we are?

The story reported that the men knew Caribou and were well-liked there. One of them had married an American from Presque Isle. They returned to their own small farms in Honduras each year and some did not come back because they had built a large enough nest egg.

The attitude of the Globe was summed up by one of their friends from the Migrant Farmworker Justice Project in West Palm Beach, Florida. (It's funny but we don't recall seeing any farms in Palm Beach.)

He opined, "There is no one in charge of checking up on them."

So there we have it. The Boston Globe will use any news about anything - even a tragedy such as this - to issue new propaganda whenever it can.


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