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John Hancock Company Embraces Homosexuality
Forces Employees to Approve the Lifestyle

MassNews Staff
December 20, 2002

John Hancock Insurance and Financial Services has embraced homosexuality by becoming the first company in New England and the first financial services firm in the country to become a National Sponsor of the Human Rights Campaign, which is the largest and richest homosexual advocacy organization in the country.

The company is also forcing its employees to give their approval to the homosexual lifestyle. This is being accomplished by the use of video kiosks throughout the company offices with a televised presentation by Elizabeth Birch, Executive Director of HRC. There will also be articles on the company intranet explaining the company's support of HRC. Any employee who questions the lifestyle will be questioning official company policy about "diversity."

Although this news was reported by Bay Windows in the Dec. 12 issue, there is nothing on the company's website about the endorsement.

The Human Rights Campaign was started by James Hormel of the Hormel Meat Company, who was Bill Clinton's ambassador to Luxembourg. It has a large banquet in Boston every fall and takes about $300,000 in contributions back to New York. Many of the major politicians attend, including Atty. Gen. Tom Reilly, Steve Grossman, Senate President Tom Birmingham and Mayor Menino have attended.

John Hancock made its announcement at a private Dec. 9 party that was held in its sixtieth-floor observatory, according to Bay Windows. It donated $50,000 to the homosexual group for help in building a permanent headquarters in Washington, D.C.

It also announced its support of the ENDA legislation being pushed by Sen. Kennedy and the entire Massachusetts delegation which would give special rights to homosexuals across the entire country.

This was apparently a financial decision by John Hancock. They targeted homosexual customers in 2000 by the use of advertising that caused great controversy, according to Bay Windows. It depicted a lesbian couple who had just landed at an airport after adopting an infant from Asia. The company says they heard "some very positive comments" from homosexuals as a result.

Many senior executives turned out in support of the Dec. 9 event, including David D'Alessandro, CEO and Chairman of John Hancock.

A spokesperson said the company is a "long time leader on diversity issues."

An article about ENDA is in the January 2003 issue of MassNews.

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