Tuesday January 13, 2004


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Gay Marriage Case Is a Nullity, SJC Is Advised in Amicus Brief

The Following is the Civil Union Bill for which Senate President Travaglini Is Seeking Permission for the Massachusetts Senate to Pass.

Massachusetts Predictions for 2004

Citizens Will Demand on Friday that the Legislature Defy Marshall's Order on Gay Marriage

Dean Still Believes in "Gay Gene"

The Only Group That Has Been Continuously Fighting Gay Marriage in Massachusetts Is Mass. Citizens for Marriage

"Focus on the Family" Continues to Use Gay Marriage in Massachusetts as a Means of Making Money

Family Issues
Pinch Sulzberger Begins His Reaction to MassNews and Atty. Pawlick's New Book

Is Dr. Dobson Aware What Focus on the Family Is Doing in Massachusetts In His Name?

Focus has lost support in Washington

Gay Marriage Advocates Attempt to Pre-Opt the Massachusetts Decision

Globe's Ombudsman Provides "Humor" About Marriage

John Diggs, M.D., Opposes MFI's Amendment Scheduled for Feb. 11

Pinch Sulzberger's Boston Globe Continues to Plot Gay Marriage


Letter from President of MCM Sarah Pawlick to Governor Romney on his statements concerning civil unions

Statement of J. Edward Pawlick, Attorney for Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage

Legislature Postpones Constitutional Convention Until Next Year

Bill Leisk Wins Appeal of Thirty-Day Sentence for Buying Ticket for 16-Year-Old Daughter's Summer School

The Episcopalian Priest Who Spoke Against the Consecration of A Homosexual Bishop in New Hampshire Last Sunday Tells His Story

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